NewBreeze Changelog

New in version 2.3.0

February 14th, 2014
  • BugFix: NBPropertiesDialog bugs fixed
  • BugFix: Drag and drop of the folder into itself not permitted
  • Feature: FileIO checks for available disk space before beginning copy
  • Feature: Drap and Drop now shows a menu
  • Feature: Search the current folder
  • Feature: Enabled trashing of files and folders
  • Feature: Trash Manager GUI for viewing/restoring/deleting trashed files
  • All the file peek plugins separated from the main program
  • Several Other minor bug fixes

New in version 2.3.0 Preview (January 13th, 2014)

  • BugFix: NBIconView smooth selection and drag and drop
  • BugFix: NBAppFile Application grading and mimetype sorting bug
  • BugFix: NBMessageDialog::KeyPressEvent handling
  • BugFix: NBDeleteManager core class was inheriting from GUI classes
  • An improved NBSidePanel replacing the old one
  • Changes to NBSidePanelModel and NBSidePanelView to support the new NBSidePanel
  • Added ODT and PDF Previewer ( only basic text rendering is available )
  • Added Settings entry for keeping the SidePanel open
  • SidePanel and Catalogs will not show non-existsing entries
  • Custom catalogs are available
  • Thumbnailer bug fixed. Thumbnails get loaded much faster
  • NBPropertiesDialog is upgraded

New in version 2.2.0 Alpha (December 21st, 2013)

  • Several small performance tweaks
  • Fixing some quirks in NBIconView
  • Fixed drag and drop URL issues
  • ApplicationsView and Catalog View are now included in the history list
  • New Icon
  • Fixed some FileIO issues ( drag n drop and copy and move are smoother

New in version 2.1.0 Preview (November 11th, 2013)

  • Added NBApplicationsView and NBCatalogView
  • NBDesktopFile and NBConfigParser have been replaced by NBAppFile and NBAppsEngine
  • The OpenWith menu shows an application list even when multiple items are selected.
  • NBSidePanel width is determined dynamically
  • NBIconProvder now handles icons from /usr/share/pixmaps
  • CustomActions menu has link to Add New Custom action
  • The open with dialog is now categorized
  • You can set the defaults using the NBOpenWith dialog
  • Double clicking a file open with default application that is recorded in mimeapps.list file
  • The first item in the OpenWith menu is the default application

New in version 2.0.0 (October 17th, 2013)

  • Enabled drag and drop support
  • Copy and Move are now background processes
  • NBSidePanel is now NBSidePanelView, with cusom delegate NBSidePanelDelegate
  • NBTreeView is now stable, except for drag and drop

New in version 1.2.3 (September 9th, 2013)

  • Fixed the dysfunctional AboutNB Shortcut.

New in version 1.2.1 (August 20th, 2013)

  • Enabled complete DnD support: to USB and to folders
  • Added a new theme, Transparent Light
  • Changed the theme name Natural to LightGray
  • Added QComboBox based icon theme choosing
  • Tooltips for all icons
  • Various performance tweaks

New in version 1.2.0-bugfix1 (June 20th, 2013)

  • Enabled handling of function keys in key bindings editor
  • Separators are now QWidgets rather than QFrames
  • SideBar now uses system font resulting in compact and smaller size

New in version 1.1.6 (April 2nd, 2013)

  • Added inline terminal, invocation: Shift+F4