Netatalk Changelog

New in version 3.1.7

August 24th, 2015
  • UPD: Spotlight: enhance behaviour for long running queries, client will now show "progress wheel" while waiting for first results.
  • FIX: netatalk: fix a crash on Solaris when registering with mDNS
  • FIX: netatalk: SIGHUP would kill the process instead of being resent to the other Netatalk processes, bug #579
  • FIX: afpd: Solaris locking problem, bug #559
  • FIX: Handling of malformed UTF8 strings, bug #524
  • FIX: afpd: umask handling, bug #576
  • FIX: Spotlight: Limiting searches to subfolders, bug #581
  • FIX: afpd: reloading logging config may result in privilege escalation in afpd processes
  • FIX: afpd: ACL related error messages, now logged with loglevel debug instead of error
  • FIX: cnid_metad: fix tsockfd_create() return value on error
  • FIX: CNID/MySQL: volume table name generation, bug #566.

New in version 3.0.2 (January 22nd, 2013)

  • FIX: Install working PAM config on Solaris 11. Fixes bug #481.
  • FIX: Fix a race condition between dbd and the cnid_dbd daemon which could result in users being disconnected from volumes when dbd was scanning their volumes. Fixes bug #477.
  • FIX: Netatalk didn't start when the last line of the config file afp.conf wasn't terminated by a newline. Fixes bug #476.
  • NEW: Add a new volumes option 'follow symlinks'. The default setting is false, symlinks are not followed on the server. This is the same behaviour as OS X's AFP server. Setting the option to true causes afpd to follow symlinks on the server. symlinks may point outside of the AFP volume, currently afpd doesn't do any checks for "wide symlinks".
  • FIX: Automatic AppleDouble conversion to EAs failing for directories. Fixes bug #486.
  • FIX: dbd failed to convert appledouble files of symlinks. Fixes bug #490.

New in version 2.2.1 (November 1st, 2011)

  • NEW: afpd: disable continous service feature by default, new option -keepsessions to enable it
  • NEW: configure option "--enable-redhat-systemd" for Fedora15 and later. "--enable-redhat" is renamed "--enable-redhat-sysv".
  • UPD: afpd: Enhance ACL support detection for volumes: enable them per volume if 1) ACL support compiled in, 2) the volume supports ACLs, 3) the new volume option "noacls" is not set for the volume. The previous behaviour was to enable ACL support for a volume if 1) it was compiled in and 2) the volume supported ACLs. There was no way to disable ACLs for a volume.
  • UPD: afpd: add a configurable hold time option to FCE file modification event generation, default is 60 s, new option "fceholdfmod" to change it
  • UPD: afpd: add support for new NetBSD quota subsystem, Bug ID 3249879
  • FIX: afpd: increase BerkeleyDB locks and lockobjs
  • FIX: afpd: create special folder as root
  • FIX: afpd: fix compilation error if --enable-ddp is used
  • FIX: afpd: More robust IPC reconnect error handling
  • FIX: afpd: ACL access checking
  • FIX: afpd: fix a possible race condition between SIGCHLD handler and new connection attempts
  • FIX: afpd: fix undefined behaviour when more then ~510 connetions where established
  • FIX: afpd: fix a crash when searching for a UUID that is not a special local UUID and LDAP support is not compiled in
  • FIX: afpd: .volinfo file not created on first volume access if user in rolist
  • FIX: afpd: possible crash at startup when registering with Avahi when Avahi is not running
  • FIX: afpd: return correct user/group type when mapping UUIDs to names
  • FIX: afpd: for directories add DARWIN_ACE_DELETE ACE if DARWIN_ACE_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY is set
  • FIX: afpd: afpd crashed when it failed to register with Avahi because eg user service registration is disabled in the Avahi config
  • FIX: dbd: function checking and removing malformed ad:ea header files failed to chdir back to the original working directory
  • FIX: cnid_dbd: increase BerkeleyDB locks and lockobjs
  • FIX: cnid_dbd: implement -d option, deletes CNID db
  • FIX: dbd: better detection of local (or SMB/NFS) modifications on AFP volumes
  • FIX: suse: initscript return better status
  • FIX: Sourcecode distribution: add missing headers
  • FIX: Solaris 10: missing dirfd replacement function
  • FIX: case-conversion of surrogate pair
  • FIX: Compilation error on GNU/kFreeBSD, fixes Bug ID 3392794 and Debian #630349
  • FIX: Fix Debian Bug#637025
  • FIX: Multiple *BSD compilation compatibility fixes, Bug ID 3380785
  • FIX: precompose_w() failed if tail character is decomposed surrogate pair

New in version 2.1.3 (July 12th, 2010)

  • The Netatalk development team is proud to announce version 2.1.3 of the Netatalk File Sharing suite. This is the latest stable version. All users are encouraged to upgrade their systems to 2.1.3.