New in version 13.12

December 23rd, 2013
  • This stable version features a number of Solo/Melody enhancements, support for multiple user library paths, MIDI enhancements, and many minor enhancements and bugfixes.

New in version 12.10 (October 22nd, 2012)

  • New voicing options, sequences in melody/solo tracks, and many minor bugfixes and enhancements.

New in version 12.01 (January 4th, 2012)

  • There are many bugfixes and general enhancements.
  • New features include the support of Polychords, improved chord voicing, note ornamentation for most tracks, and a track delay setting.
  • Note that the version numbering scheme is changed to YY.MM.

New in version 1.7b (December 27th, 2010)

  • A PolyChord extension (very cool sounds), enhanced groove notation so you can combine a filename with a groove name (not so cool, but useful), and some bugfixes.

New in version 1.7 (November 8th, 2010)

  • Chords can now be entered in Roman Numeral notation.
  • Extensive reworking/enhancement of the Solo track commands.
  • MidiInc has been extended to permit the creation of Solo Riffs.
  • The automatic groove finding has been enhanced so that multiple directories can be scanned.
  • There is a -V option for an audible preview of a groove in the libraries.
  • A new utility,, is a simple GUI for viewing and previewing the groove library.

New in version 1.6d (September 21st, 2010)

  • This version fixes the -M command line option and has minor fixes to the solo tracks.
  • It cleans up the docs for Voicing modes.

New in version 1.6c (July 20th, 2010)

  • A number of enhancements were made to the way MidiInc and Solo lines are created.
  • You can now include a MIDI file and push it into a solo track for additional processing.

New in version 1.4 (October 2nd, 2008)

  • A -T command line option to limit tracks generated.
  • The AllGrooves command makes it easy to change a set of parameters in a library file.
  • A Debian package has been added to the download section.
  • New man pages have been created for mma, mma-renum, and mma-libdoc.
  • A simple math parser has been added.
  • You can use this anywhere a macro is valid.
  • Anything in $( )$ delimiters is evaluated (safely) using Python.
  • There are many bugfixes and library additions.