Mp3Splt Changelog

New in version 2.6

July 25th, 2013
  • experimental FLAC support added - stdin and stdout are not yet implemented
  • new --enable-flacsplt_symlink configure option to mp3splt
  • fixed progress bar of ogg vorbis when using the auto adjust option (libmp3splt)

New in version 2.5.2 (April 1st, 2013)

  • added option -I to specify the input tags encoding for when writing ID3v2 tags (ISO-8859-1, UTF-8
  • or UTF-16)
  • added option -K to keep the original tags and just replace them when importing a CUE or CDDB file
  • (feature request #95)
  • fixed bug #149 - use of getline() on mac
  • libmp3splt check is now more correct and checks for the exact version of libmp3splt with = instead
  • of >=; will be changed to >= when final version of libmp3splt will be released
  • now using pkg-config instead of mp3splt.m4 (bug #145)
  • corrected build files (,, ...) and check using 'make distcheck' (bug #147)

New in version 2.5.1 (January 28th, 2013)

  • This version fixes an important bug for mp3splt-gtk: the application was crashing when pushing the split button without any splitpoint (done in libmp3splt).
  • It fixes an important bug for mp3splt-gtk: split by time was in hundredths of seconds instead of seconds.
  • It adds an option to set output ID3v2 tags encoded in latin1, UTF-8, or UTF16 (libmp3splt and mp3splt).
  • It adds the forgotten 'empty_footer.html' to the libmp3splt distribution.

New in version 2.5 (January 21st, 2013)

  • done issues #40 and #85 - added minimum silence length parameter for auto adjust (mainly libmp3splt)
  • added minimum silence length for trim silence mode (minimum silence to trigger a trimming)
  • (mainly libmp3splt)
  • done issue #12 - added option to output the full silence log useful to plot a graph
  • (mainly libmp3splt)
  • implemented back the proxy feature with basic authentification - feature #50 (mainly libmp3splt)
  • added option to generate exactly the same input tags bytes using @O (mainly libmp3splt)
  • enhanced the CUE export to export the tags as REM comments and also the splitpoint names (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug when detecting the input tags version - output had no tags when the input only had ID3v1
  • (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug: output tags versions was not equal to the input file tags versions when the user was
  • setting custom tags without any @o to get the original tags (libmp3splt)
  • done issue #79 - added 0 to the number of digits to output in order to be able to support
  • the old mp3splt output format (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug #141 - when input file is a symlink and output directory is the one of the input file
  • (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug on mp3 trim silence scan: last frame was skipped (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug #133 - updated GPLv2 COPYING file
  • fixed bug #142 - skipped splitpoints were handled wrong by '-c'

New in version 2.3 (March 3rd, 2011)

  • added genre tag to custom tags and to output format (@g)
  • support for the FILE attribute in CUE files - #1353726
  • support for setting tags from filename regular expression
  • added cutter as unit testing framework in libmp3splt
  • fixed CUE import bug - spaces at the end are now correctly wiped out
  • fixed bug #3114384: introduced back the 'file might be VBR' warning
  • fixed bug #3034474: genre tag problems
  • fixed ogg stream issues - #2861898 & #1078018
  • fixed bug: setting the saved end time on wrong splitpoint indexes
  • more translations (project mp3splt-gtk on transifex)

New in version 2.2.5 (May 16th, 2009)

  • added -x option to not write Xing header
  • fixed bug with -g and multiple usages of @o (libmp3splt)
  • fixed a small bug with genre in -g
  • Xing header is now written even if -n option is used (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug with stdin & id3v2 & xing
  • fixed critical bug with overlap splitpoints not working (feature #1530782 => bug)
  • fixed critical bug with mp3 stdin (& framemode)
  • fixed some warning messages & added some more
  • fixed dewrap error message
  • fixed dewrap bug to not attempt to create output directories when '-d' option is used
  • fixed minor bug #2790952 : time mode creating an empty file (at the end)

New in version 2.2.3 (January 19th, 2009)

  • The default behaviour of the tags on the split files has changed: by default, this release sets the tags version of the file to split in the split files (e.g. if the file for split has ID3 version X, the tags in the split files will be ID3vX).
  • This release adds the -1 (force tags in output files to be ID3v1) and -2 (force tags in output files to be ID3v2) options.
  • It implements query{search_string}(chosen_result_int) for the -c option: Windows users should use this instead of -c query when searching using a "Unicode" string.
  • All tag/filename "Unicode" encoding issues on Windows have been fixed.

New in version 2.2 (September 7th, 2008)

  • This is the first mp3splt version using libmp3splt.
  • It checks for compatibilities between options. 'm-' for mp3 STDIN.
  • The ability to specify the server and port for freedb search (now using by default).
  • The original id3v1 MP3 tags are kept in the split files, as are Ogg Vorbis tags.
  • Add custom tags with the new '-g' option.
  • The '-o' option now creates the specified directories if the '-d' option is not specified.
  • A '-Q' option enables the '-q' option and does not print anything to STDOUT.
  • An '-i' option for counting the number of silence split points.