Metasploit Express Changelog

New in version 4.0.0

August 4th, 2011
  • This release marks the first major version change in five years. Please see the blog for more information.
  • Several import parsers were rewritten to use Nokogiri for much faster processing of large import files.
  • Adding to Metasploit's extensive payload support, Windows and Java Meterpreter now both support staging over http and Windows can use https. In a similar vein, POSIX Meterpreter is seeing some new development again. It still isn't perfect nor is it nearly as complete as the Windows version, but many features already work.
  • Java applet signing is now done directly in ruby, removing the need for a JDK for generating self-signed certificates.
  • The Linux installers now ship with ruby headers, making it possible to install native gems in the Metasploit ruby environment.