MegaGlest Changelog

New in version 3.9.2

November 18th, 2014
  • Fixed paths for editor and model viewer camek install

New in version (January 27th, 2012)

  • Bugfix for vertex buffer object (VBO) code which previously caused crashes with certain video drivers
  • Bugfix for regressions which prevented clients from joining Windows game servers and broke headless server mode on Windows
  • Fontconfig bugfix to ensure package management maintained fonts are properly detected on all widespread Linux distributions
  • Various fixes to cmake build system
  • End of game statistics now always fit on screen

New in version 3.4.0 (February 28th, 2011)

  • new attack alarms use visual and audio cues to indicate when and where you or your team are under attack
  • new auto router configuration for Internet hosted games will auto port forward (for UPNP enabled routers)
  • new network file transfer system allows servers to send missing maps and tilesets to clients
  • new IRC client built into the Internet lobby (uses freenode's megaglest-lobby channel)
  • improved sound handling for better stability and smoother game play
  • CPU AI players now can have their resource multiplier manually changed
  • new fog of war setting allows showing resources on the map at game start (thanks GAE team)
  • many new commandline options (try --help to see)
  • texture compression for video cards that support it
  • improved AI players are much harder to defeat
  • new Romans_beta faction in megapack
  • new language translations
  • new tilesets, maps, scenarios and tutorials
  • G3D Viewer enhancements including PNG screenshots with alpha transparency option
  • performance improvements for both rendering and network play
  • FreeBSD support has been added in this release
  • bugfixes discovered in