New in version 0.8

February 22nd, 2013
  • New graphical boot screen
  • New 0.8.4 visual style and desktop theme
  • Kernel version 3.7 replaces 3.4 as the default (with improved flash support)
  • Manjaro Exclusive: Pamac – a user user-friendly graphical interface to easily update the system and manage software – replaces Kalu, Package Browser, and the Pacman-GUI.
  • Lightweight office applications have been pre-installed (e.g. Abiword and Gnumeric)
  • Full printing support is provided out of the box
  • Vastly improved bootup speed
  • Default Home folders (Downloads, Pictures, etc.) are now automatically provided
  • Removable media (e.g. USB sticks) can now be mounted
  • Other partitions can be seen and accessed
  • The trash function is fully operational