Makeflow Changelog

New in version 4.0

July 30th, 2013
  • Support for workers hierarchies, with a master-foremen-workers paradigm.
  • Additionally, a worker now is able to handle more than one task at a time.
  • Support has been added for task categories.
  • A rule can be labeled with a category, and required computational resources (disk, memory, and CPU) can be specified per category.
  • Makeflow then automatically communicates these requirements to the work queue or condor.

New in version 3.7.0 (February 19th, 2013)

  • Work Queue now allows you to specify chunks (pieces) of an input file to be used as input for worker tasks.
  • Makeflow now supports a -i switch which outputs pre-execution analysis of the Makeflow DAG.
  • Work Queue and Makeflow support submitting tasks to the PBS batch submission platform.
  • The Makeflow makeflow_log_parser now ignores comments in Makeflow logs.
  • Work Queue supports querying workers and tasks at run-time.
  • Makeflow Input file (dependency) renaming is supported with a new "->" operator.
  • Work Queue Tasks are now killed using SIGKILL.
  • Work Queue Protocol based keep-alives were added to workers