Makagiga Changelog

New in version 5.2

December 19th, 2014
  • Use secure "https" instead of "http" by default
  • Minor User Interface tweaks
  • Look and Feel settings: Windows 8.x preview image
  • Fixed: Do not change Notepad settings after Cancel button press
  • Tasks: New check mark icon in "Properties" column
  • Updated the Polish translation
  • minor bugfixes

New in version 5.1 Beta (October 23rd, 2014)

  • Fixed: Do not save settings if user cancelled dialog window
  • Metal Look and Feel: New check box gradient
  • Fixed: Add missing "Menu" key support in Category editor, Proxy list, and Console settings
  • Increase minimum required password length to 12 characters
  • Updated Java JRE to version 8u25

New in version 4.12 (December 6th, 2013)

  • Tasks: Move selection related actions to the "Selection" submenu
  • Image Viewer: Use nicer background color in full screen "presentation mode"
  • Updated the Polish translation
  • Simplified Windows uninstall wizard
  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements
  • Console:
  • Settings panel: Also filter by type and info column
  • Disable plugin installer/downloader/updater if the "Kiosk.Plugin.manager" option is turned off
  • Various "Kiosk.*" option fixes
  • Added "" option to disable "Help" menu/buttons
  • Source:
  • Improved compatibility with JDK8-ea
  • API Changes

New in version 4.11 Beta (November 23rd, 2013)

  • Tasks:
  • NEW: "Add Task" in system tray icon menu
  • NEW: Show categories in "Summary" column by default
  • NEW: Show "Recently Completed" tasks in sidebar panel
  • Improved table view header and its context menu actions
  • Month Calendar: Highlight active fields in date editor (highlighted fields can be modified with Up/Down key)
  • Fixed/improved export to HTML
  • Source:
  • Improved compatibility with Java 8

New in version 4.10 (November 23rd, 2013)

  • Tasks:
  • NEW: Added "Set Duration..." action to the context menu
  • NEW: Use colors in Alarm notification window
  • Properties sidebar: Removed "Edit Summary..." button; show summary of all selected tasks
  • Better task sorting in Alarm notification
  • Feed Viewer:
  • Improved "Save As" function
  • Podcast downloader: Use article title as default save file name
  • Misc:
  • NEW: Text Fields/Editors: Added "Add Task" action to the context menu
  • Fixed: Do not accidentally render plain text as HTML
  • Updated Polish translation
  • Minor UI updates and tweaks
  • Minor bug-fixes
  • Source/Build System:
  • Fixed minor issues reported by FindBugs and PMD
  • Simplified and faster build process: - Drop *.properties compiler and related API - Translations: Message_xx.class moved to org/makagiga/commons/i18n/ - build.xml: Removed "compile-properties" and "compile-properties-quick" targets - Removed temporary makagiga-blob.jar file; makagiga.jar now contains all the makagiga-blob.jar content - Use "yyyy-MM-dd" date format in build info

New in version 4.9.1 Beta (September 6th, 2013)

  • This preview release brings a Duration column in the task list, a better Security Manager, and minor bugfixes.
  • Many keyboard related issues (tab-key handling, default input focus, and "Context Menu" key support) were fixed.
  • Source compatibility with Java 8 was improved.

New in version 4.7 Beta (March 25th, 2013)

  • This Beta release brings new features, bugfixes, and optimizations, including an improved image viewer, better notification popups, and customizable colors in the notepad editor.
  • It is now possible to group all Tasks by category, priority, and other criteria.

New in version 4.6 (February 11th, 2013)

  • This final release mostly brings bugfixes and minor new features, including an improved task list in the system tray context menu, a better security manager, and fixed image exportation.
  • The Notepad plugin is now able to display the number of words/sentences in your text document.

New in version 4.4 (September 27th, 2012)

  • Tasks:
  • If possible, show tasks in "Tomorrow" group instead of "Next Month"
  • Fixed: Undo support for task color/repeat rule changes
  • Misc.:
  • NEW: Color Chooser Dialog: Bookmarks
  • Fixed document tool bar "crash" caused by a recently disabled plugin
  • Forms: Auto select all text on field focus
  • Font Chooser: Text autocompletion in font name filter box
  • Basic Haiku OS support
  • Improved Security Manager
  • Updated Polish translation
  • Various minor updates, bugfixes, and optimizations
  • Source:
  • Fixed all compiler warnings
  • Updated Eclipse project
  • Fixed errors reported by Eclipse IDE
  • Replaced @Deprecated API
  • Compile with -Werror option
  • Added "ui/history" icon
  • List of API Changes (auto-generated, 4.2 -> 4.4)