MPlayer Tools Changelog

New in version 7.8.20110210

February 10th, 2011
  • New features including multiple config files (main, directory level, file level, and command-line) and some bugfixes.

New in version 7.2.20090301 (March 2nd, 2009)

  • Automatic update notification, less memory/CPU usage, and new features.

New in version 7.0.20090203 (February 3rd, 2009)

  • This release corrects an instantaneous exit bug when LIRC init fails.
  • It corrects a bug causing livestreams not to be restored at startup into the playlist.
  • It adds an mgui option to set colors and OSD font.

New in version 7.0.20090202 (February 2nd, 2009)

  • This release adds a GUI.
  • It adds condition subject ps (currently running processes), subject gui, and guiguest with values on or off.
  • It adds the options enable_output, force_gui_osd, disable_logging, disable_guiguest, and eof_tresshold.
  • Player mode output has been optimized for slow terminals.
  • Erroneous sorting in msize is fixed. extractseries() has been modified for DVD streams and for files (lower case and spaces).
  • mstrip has disable_consecutivegather.
  • mhelp accepts an object name (and a filename) to dump. msynclog has been added.
  • The tvrecord option chunksize and quality override from the CLI have been added.

New in version 6.1.20080827 (August 28th, 2008)

  • Enhanced CPU usage detection to support SMP.
  • The profile script has been updated to be sh compatible.
  • knotify is automatically started if needed.
  • mcatcher has been fixed to not save the movie name when playing live streams and autosave_position is on (which caused cdm to do an infinite loop).