LinHES Changelog

New in version 8.2

October 28th, 2014
  • LinHES R8.2 brings updates to the kernel, system libraries, Service Menu options, MythTV 0.27.4, LinHES theme and many other parts of LinHES.

New in version 8.1 (December 20th, 2013)

  • Changes:
  • MythTV 0.27/fixes
  • Removal of classic local website
  • New stuff:
  • Xymon alerts will appear on the console as well via osd
  • New default LinHES Theme

New in version 8.0 (October 21st, 2013)

  • Changes:
  • i686 has been dropped, all packages are compiled for x86_64.
  • Old nVidia drivers have been dropped. The current nVidia drivers support the 8xxxx series, gt2xx and later.
  • will no longer generate full xorg.conf files, instead it places snippets in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/
  • Fbsplash was removed and replaced with plymouth
  • rrdstats was removed and replaced with xymon, which is part of supplemental web (installed by default)
  • grub2 replaced grub
  • tightvnc replaced by tigervnc
  • Fluxbox has been replaced by enlightenment as the default window manager. may be used to restore fluxbox
  • Remote selection was reorganized. Now there are 4 major types of classifications, which should make it easier to find more common remotes.
  • Partition change, instead of 3 partitions there are now 7 for the main disk. Home and /data/srv/mysql are separate partitions. This will make updates even easier and help prevent system corruption due to a filled disk.
  • The mount point for myth data has moved to /data/storage/disk0/media /myth is provided as a symlink for legacy purposes.
  • Package cache has moved from the main drive to /data/storage/disk0/pacman/pkg
  • Standalone system type has been dropped, because of network changes within MythTV it's no longer feasible.
  • rc.conf was dropped, as it's no longer used for system configuration
  • mythbackup/mythrestore have been replaced by lh_system_backup/lh_system_restore.
  • Zoneminder/mythzoneminder are no longer half-implemented in the service menu.
  • New stuff:
  • Language selection screen during install
  • Overall a better system integration, both as a standalone system and with remote frontends.
  • Added a new OSD message subsystem. This stops messages from overlapping and should keep things looking more consistent.
  • Added an option that will cause slave and frontend systems to wait for the masterbackend to become available. This is enabled by default.
  • New version of add_storage. This is a program to make adding both new and old storage very simple. It asks a couple questions and takes care of the dirty work. Storage will be added to /data/storage/$drive_serialnumber
  • NFS and Samba share definitions are auto generated. The share information is provided by add_storage.
  • For first time setups will detect tuner cards, create static dev nodes, and add them to mythtv. Cards detected include pvr-xxx, dvb cards, hdhomerun, ceton infinitv, hdpvr. For the ceton infinitv it's expected that the cards network is running at it's default values.
  • Frontend system, will run /etc/X11/autostart when starting up regardless of the windowmanger selected. If you need to start custom things for X, this is the place to put it.
  • vnc support was added for both the main display and running a seperate session. If enabled via the service menu the seperate session will be located at $ip:1 and the mirror of the main display will be $ip:2
  • New website on the masterbackend. Things such as system health checks, backup/restore, updates, logs and much more can be found on the local website.
  • Automated and install of a a self-signed SSL certificate
  • Integrated channel change script for set top boxes. This script matches the transmitter # with the transmitter number in /etc/systemconfig. To use the new script with the first transmitter, enter " -n1 -c" as the tuner change channel script in mythtv-setup. Previous LinHES releases left all of this up to the end user.
  • patched version of mythutils to save/restore/clone settings between systems.
  • Options to mythbackend/mythfrontend can be added in /etc/conf.d/mythbackend or /etc/conf.d/mythfrontend. The startup scripts reference the MYTH_ARGS variable which is sourced from their respective file.
  • Many more behind the scenes changes.

New in version 7.4 (August 10th, 2012)

  • netcat added to repos
  • Upgrade transmission-cli to it's current version
  • MythTV 0.25.2
  • RipD
  • Update HandBrake to 0.9.8