New in version 5.1.1 Build 1632.2

October 11th, 2013
  • Added the Node.js Adapter SDK.

New in version 5.1 Build 1622 (December 20th, 2012)

  • Lightstreamer Server v. 5.1 build 1622
  • SDK for JMX Extensions v. 4.4 build 1622
  • ADAPTER Development Kits:
  • SDK for Java Adapters v. 5.1 build 1622
  • SDK for .NET Adapters v. 1.7.4720.31842
  • SDK for Adapter Remoting Infrastructure v. 1.4.3 build 58
  • CLIENT Development Kits:
  • SDK for JavaScript Clients v. 6.0.1 build 1595
  • SDK for Flash Clients v. 1.2 build 46
  • SDK for Flex Clients v. 2.1 build 90
  • SDK for Silverlight Clients v. 1.4.4588.29271
  • SDK for iOS Clients v. 1.2 build 66
  • SDK for Android Clients v. 1.0.2 build 19
  • SDK for BlackBerry Clients v. 1.1.1 build 10
  • SDK for Windows Phone Clients v. 1.1.4588.29405
  • SDK for WinRT Clients v. 1.0.4701.24142
  • SDK for Java SE Clients v. 2.5.2 build 1110
  • SDK for Java ME Clients v. 3.2.1 build 150
  • SDK for .NET Clients v. 2.1.4588.28986
  • SDK for Generic Clients v. 5.1 build 1622

New in version 4.0 Build 1513 (June 8th, 2011)

  • New Lightstreamer contains many exciting improvements, making it the perfect solution whenever you need to deliver real-time messages through the Internet.
  • Performance has been improved, making Lightstreamer Server even more scalable and faster than before. It is now easier to manage the system, via the new logging facility and new JMX interface. Many stability and reliability improvements have been introduced across all the code.
  • Support for mobile apps is now extremely extensive and mature, covering all the mobile platforms and operating systems: Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Java ME.
  • See the "Changes and New Features" section below to find out more details.
  • New Lightstreamer is quite completely backward compatible with previous custom code you developed, for both Adapters and Clients, but please see the "How to Upgrade" section below to know more.
  • From a sales perspective, we are finalizing a new price schema for the paid editions of Lightstreamer, aimed at being much more flexible. In particular, it will be possible to purchase individual features in-between the edition. Furthermore, a brand new rental model will be available along with the current perpetual model. This way, you will be able to pay for Lightstreamer licenses year after year, rather than upfront. Finally, we will provide a 24x7 support option for the most demanding customers.

New in version 3.5 Build 1428.4 (February 8th, 2010)

  • Improved the logging of unexpected exceptions.
  • Introduced verbose notifications for exceptions thrown by Adapter methods.
  • Added logging for updates lost upon unfiltered subscriptions (which include RAW mode and ADD/DELETE in COMMAND mode).
  • Suppressed the "Unexpected empty selected list", "Unexpected empty read on a readable socket" and "Unexpected empty write on a writable socket" warnings for not significant cases.