Legacy OS Mini Changelog

New in version 4

March 19th, 2012
  • This release includes the Firefox and Opera Web Browsers with Adobe Flashplayer 11, Java 1.6.0_30 plugins plus media codecs for an excellent online experience. Also include is Skype and the Pidgin Chat Client for talking to friends on MSN, Yahoo, Aim and more. This release brings a good collection of Applications for managing a user apointments, Photo and Music collections. Watching Movies on your PC.
  • Also included is FBreader and Foxit for reading ebooks etc. Those looking for Wifi support should have a better experience over Legacy OS 2. One small problem some users might find is that Legacy OS may not boot itself up Live on a PC with less than 512 Mb of Ram.
  • While Legacy OS will run as a Live CD, it is meant to be installed to a user's hard Drive. I've tried to include a good mix of apps to keep the iso under 480Mb's in size, so apps like Open office have been left out due to their size. On future releases of Legacy OS I plan only to release a new version yearly or longer. My growing family needs have to come first and as Legacy OS is a hobby like all hobbies they sometimes have to be put on hold.