Lazarus Changelog

New in version 1.0.14

November 20th, 2013
  • This version adds bugfixes for the IDE, debugger, Qt widgetset, SynEdit and LCL

New in version 1.0.12 (October 21st, 2013)

  • This version adds bugfixes, including ones in LCL, IDE, TAChart, and SynEdit.

New in version 1.0.10 (June 27th, 2013)

  • r40581 codetools fpc source scores: unit fileinfo on target non wince, bug [24070]
  • r41481 codetools removed old fpc 1.0 defines, biting 2.7.1 sources
  • r40543 DBGrids fix crash in PrepareCellHints when DataLink is not Active (issue [0024028]).
  • r41240 Debugger utf8 content for event-log (warnings/OutputDebugString). Issue [24353]
  • r41233,​r41260,​r41265,​r41266,​r41270,​r41273,​r41275,​r41279,​r41293 Debugger Improved shortstring detection. strings with utf8 content in locals and some in watches
  • r41298 Debugger more utf8 for strings in watches
  • r38231 IDE itmEditUndo\itmEditRedo is almost always Enabled, even when it is impossible to Undo\Redo in source Editor, issue [22633]
  • r39405 IDE Autocheck radiobutton when you enter a value in the HeightEdit / WidthEdit, issue [23398]
  • r40577 IDE test compiler settings: show message when busy
  • r40628 IDE fixed showing broken dependencies
  • r40640 IDE help for fpc messages: fixed crash when no help found, search for message file in compiler directories
  • r40730 IDE project resource file version: do not set modifie is the same and initialize it after read
  • r40803 IDE: package editor: extend unit/include path: shorten paths that are not sub directories, bug [24272]
  • r41130 IDE remove & from key map resourcestrings
  • r41165 IDE fixed caption Free Pascal in highlighter
  • r41319 IDE add example projects to recent menu only once
  • r40636 IDEIntf register TBoolPropertyEditor for WordBool, LongBool and QWordBool, needed since fpc 2.6.0
  • r40728 IDEIntf: TCollectionPropertyEditor: fixed unselecting if owner is freed
  • r41049 Installer, Win add French translation. Patch by ChrisF. Issue [24171]
  • r41057 Installer, Win cleaned up OldInOtherFolder1 string as per ChrisF's comment in bug [24171]
  • r40562 LCL gtk, fix LazReport designer sometimes presented as a thin vertical or horizontal band that runs from center of screen under gtk2/64-bit, related to issue [21634]
  • r40778 LCL navFocusableButtons doesn't work in TDBNavigator, modified patch from Éderson Cássio, issue [24191]
  • r41501 LCL use UTF8Length instead of Length on calc dbgrid column field width, from Rumen Gyurov, issue [24491]
  • r40758 LCL fixed conditionals for default LCLWidgetType
  • r41373 LCL TTreeView: clear cache when adding node
  • r41411 LCL prevent change in dbcombobox when autoedit is false. Issue [24207]
  • r41453 LCL TFilterComboBox: freenotification for ShellListView, bug [24512]
  • r41477 LCL gtk2 fixed AskUser,QuestionDlg escape key result
  • r40900 LCL MaskEdit: respect AutoSelect if control is masked. Issue [0024311]
  • r40513 Qt do not trigger scroll events while calling SetScrollInfo, fix issue 23815
  • r40563 Qt fixed default text color of QTabBar. issue [23985]
  • r40956 Qt fixed determination of string content (RightToLeft vs. LeftToRight). issue #24340
  • r40621,40622, 40625 Qt fixes for buggy xfwm4 window manager under X11
  • r40993 Qt formatting
  • r40995 Qt fixed visibility of THintWindow class when virtual desktop is switched or application minimized.issue #24363
  • r41339 Qt fixed bad behaviour of popup windows under metacity window manager.
  • r41346 Qt fixed problems with modal and popup windows over modal windows with Mint's Marco window manager (Mate desktop)
  • r41378 Qt fixed bug with AltGr key handling under windows.We are using winapi directly as workaround for bug in Qt library. issue [23808]
  • r40764 Qt implemented getKeyState for caps lock and numlock under x11 and win32 targets
  • r41347 Qt rework fixes for metacity like wm's. Now marco and gnome shell are mapped as metacity.
  • r40954 Qt use QPolygonH to draw poly regions in FillRgn()
  • r41144 Qt workaround for Qt lib bug (QStyle) where disabled button doesn't have activated disabled colors palette. issue [24413]
  • r40723 ShellCtrls declare property ViewStyle of TShellListView as "default vsReport" (issue [0024226]).
  • r41220,r41222,r41228 SynEdit Trim spaces - position only: Do not mark buffer as modified, if pressing space at EOL. Follow up revision 40680
  • r40545 SynEdit Fixed gutter resizing. Issue [0023990]
  • r40680 SynEdit fixed trim-space (mode "position only") would corrupt text on certain undo. Issue [24101]
  • r41046 SynEdit Fixed folding in "library" code. Issue [0024370]
  • r37854 SynEdit Pas Highlighter: recognize {$IFOPT}
  • r41047 SynEdit Pas Highlighter: Completed the list of Ifdef, ifopt, elseif directives
  • r41129 SynEdit Fixed folding in "label" code. Issue [0024417]
  • r41340 Translations reverted Arabic translation to r37531 by request of Mazen Neifer (current Arabic translation maintainer). Reason is poor quality/machine translation, which makes hard to use translated IDE.

New in version 1.0.6 (February 5th, 2013)

  • This is a bugfix release.

New in version 1.0.4 (December 7th, 2012)

  • r39177 Customdrawn make timer related functions 64-bit safe (fixes similar to r39164), patch from bug [23052] by lks
  • r39280 Debugger Inspect-Dialog, prevent crash, due to nested updates
  • r39285 Debugger Do not treat "&" as accel-char when displaying exceptions. Issue [0023321]
  • r39290 Debugger Fix updating Inspect dialog, if triggered via source-editor (pop-up menu)
  • r39333 Debugger Fix range check in disassembler (64 bit debuggee). Issue [0023355]
  • r39042 Debugger Disable "run to cursor" when debugger is stopped. This command is limited to the current frame (function). It can not be used to start a project. (also disable dcJumpTo, dcStepOut)
  • r39131 Debugger fixed an endless loop in watch eval (eval typecast pointer to record)
  • r39030 Gtk2 fixed TGtk2WSCustomListView.GetDisplayRect, also fixed cell renderer which sent wrong item id to owner drawn list view.issue [23094]
  • r39032 Gtk2 do not render listbox item by default if we are customdrawn. issue [23093]
  • r39033 Gtk2 fixed crash with TListView introduced with r39032.
  • r39034 Gtk2 LineTo and MoveToEx must take hdc offset into account.issue [23057]
  • r39035 Gtk2 fixed assertion from gtk2 library. issue [23099]
  • r39036 Gtk2 do not apply devctx offset into penPos, regression of r39034.issue [23057]
  • r39037 Gtk2 completely fixed LineTo() and MoveToEx() regressions from r39034
  • r39043 Gtk2 fixed clientRect of GtkTreeView, new routine GetWidgetClientRect() in gtk2proc to simplify gtk2winapi, fixed offset for custom drawn listview.
  • r39147 Gtk2 use better approach for RecreateWnd in TGtk2WSCustomListView, fix rendering of icon view. issue [23171]
  • r39148 Gtk2 added TGtk2DeviceContext class as deprecated. part of issue [23168]
  • r39162 Gtk2 fixed cursor position behaviour on GtkEntry focus/unfocus. issues [21897], [23182].
  • r39217 Gtk2 remember selection when edit looses focus.Also preselect test when AutoSelect is true.Patch by Fabrizio Fellini modified by me for autoselect rule. fixes issues [23219], [23246] (regression).
  • r39220, r39221 Gtk2 check if scrollbar handle is allocated when setting params.
  • r39229 Gtk2 trial to fix freezing of TFloatSpinEdit when we don't use clocale unit since gtk2 takes info from $LANG and our DecimalSeparator could be different. issue [23190]
  • r39308 gtk2 register TGtk2WSScrollBar to TCustomScrollBar instead of TScrollBar. Fixes [23200]
  • r39326 Gtk2 fixed offset in Gtk2 polygon drawer. issue [23359]
  • r39327 Gtk2 correct fix for issue [23359]
  • r39371 Gtk2 fixed font color changing on TCheckBox when caption is empty. issue [23373]
  • r39374 IDE Hint: Fix malformated hints, if text has ampersand. or

New in version 1.0.2 (October 13th, 2012)

  • This is a bugfix release.

New in version 0.9.30 (March 28th, 2011)

  • This version is based on fpc 2.4.2 and contains a large number of new features.

New in version 0.9.28 (October 14th, 2009)

  • In this major release, the IDE has many source editor improvements like display of "double width" fonts (such as Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic), better code folding, highlighting, syncro editing, and persistent blocks.
  • The debugger has assembler windows, easier exception handling, and breakpoint properties.
  • The LCL now uses GTK2 as the default widgetset on Linux and BSD and includes the TMonitor class for multi-monitor support.
  • Refactoring of LCL reduced the minimum size of executables by about 15%.
  • The support of TFrame support has improved, so you can visually nest designers in the IDE.

New in version (March 23rd, 2009)

  • This version improves support for application icons.
  • Option dialogs were improved by using frames.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

New in version 0.9.26 (October 15th, 2008)

  • The LCL now uses Unicode strings encoded as UTF-8 on all platforms.
  • Lazarus now runs natively under Mac OS X using the "Carbon" widget set.
  • The LCL internal graphic system was rewritten for more consistency, more flexibility, better Delphi compatibility, icon support, and native image lists.
  • The IDE designer now allows you to connect form components, like databases on TDataModule.