Laptop Mode Tools Changelog

New in version 1.64

September 10th, 2013
  • Don't touch USB Controller power settings. The individual devices, when plugged in, while on battery, inherit the power settings from the USB controller
  • start-stop-programs: add support for systemd. Thanks to Alexander Mezin
  • Replace hardcoded path to udevadm with "which udevadm". Thanks to Alexander Mezin
  • Honor .conf files only. Thanks to Sven K√∂hler
  • Make '/usr/lib' path configurable. This is especially useful for systems that use /usr/lib64, or /lib64 directly. Thanks to Nicolas Braud-Santoni
  • Don't call killall with the -g argument. Thanks to Murray Campbell
  • Fix RPM Spec file build errors

New in version 1.63 (March 23rd, 2013)

  • This release adds a new module for PCIe ASPM. It also includes some important bug fixes.
  • Some changes have been added to accommodate Flash / NAND devices.
  • There's also a new setting parameter to disable battery alarm level check, in case you have a broken battery.

New in version 1.62 (October 30th, 2012)

  • Add systemd support
  • Be specific on what file systems we want to handle. Given the wide range of file systems Linux has, we don't want to consider them all as not all of them fall under the power saving scenarios.
  • Factor out some common code
  • Do not touch autonegotiation settings. Fiddling with auto-negotiation settings can cause more problems and the standards expect them to be always on
  • Trim mount point display
  • Organize state/STATE tracking so that we get actual results.
  • cleaner output when asking status. Thanks Jasmine Hassan
  • Append to stdout/stderr to avoid truncating file logs
  • Fix spec file for RPM syntax

New in version 1.61 (May 17th, 2012)

  • Handle devices with persistent device naming. This fixes the issues where you don't have a disk referenced by a block name, the commit= value was completely skipped
  • Fix issue where hdparm skips SSDs for power management
  • Add parallel execution for the modules. In theory this should speeden up the execution. See git commit log comments for details
  • Add support for non-deafult customized settings
  • calculate design_capacity_warning on machines/arches where it is not readily available

New in version 1.60 (October 14th, 2011)

  • Use proper device reference for iwconfig (Debian BTS: #639388)
  • Check for block device's existence. Thanks to Simon Que
  • Add suspend/resume helper tools: pm-helper, pm-suspend, pm-hibernate
  • What laptop-mode-tools is stopped from init, also kill polling daemon
  • Reliable and much better locking mechanics
  • Make polling dameon lock safe
  • Make lmt-udev distro neutral. Thanks to Simon Que
  • Change Intel HDA Audio's default power save timeout to 2 seconds

New in version 1.59 (August 8th, 2011)

  • really don't call batt-poll-daemon inside from the flock instance
  • USB auto-suspend whitelist
  • Add myself as the maintainer
  • Don't call true which forks a subshell
  • Use exit instead of return
  • Check for files instead of kernel version numbers.

New in version 1.58 (July 25th, 2011)

  • Initialize the PATH variable within us. This helps when our caller did not have a proper environment
  • Enable new in-kernel polling mechanism for block devices
  • Check for kernel's native suspend functionality
  • Support execution of complex commands. Thanks to Changaco for the patch
  • Add new module nmi-watchdog to handle NMI Watchdog related power savings. Thanks to Quentin Denis for the report
  • Fix error messages during early boot if /usr is on a different partition
  • Add support for new Linux 3.x kernels
  • Fix locking problems when battery polling daemon is enabled

New in version 1.57 (February 28th, 2011)

  • Pass calling application's arguments to the main function. Thanks to Radek for the report and the patch
  • Use governor policy from the config file. Thanks to Michael Orlov for the report.

New in version 1.56 (February 15th, 2011)

  • New Features and many Bug Fixes. With this release laptop-mode-tools also acts on events generated by the kernel. This allows easier trigger of laptop-mode-tools without dependence on helper tools like acpid/pm-utils. The acpid/pm-utils hooks are still shipped for compatibility.
  • Enable ENABLE_AUTO_MODULES by default. When a user installs the package, the first immediate expectation is to see some changes
  • USB suspend interface has changed with kernels 2.6.35 and above. (Debian BTS: #589000)
  • Add support for Linux Runtime Power Management (Debian BTS: #592661)
  • On many other distributions, wireless-tools packages is still old and does not return proper exit status on failures. Thanks to Luca Landolfi for the patch.
  • Add support to blacklist USB Devices by types. Thanks to Simon Que for the patch
  • Re-initialize dev_path before the next iteration. Thanks to Faustus for the bug report and the patch (LP: #662924)
  • ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE_TOOLS was ignore because of wrong check. Thanks to Matus Harvan for reporting this. (Debian BTS: #602278)
  • Add support to invoke laptop-mode-tools with hotplug events. This currently only has support for the usb-autosuspend module. Thanks to Simon Que for the patch
  • Add locking support using flock. (Debian BTS: #566613)
  • Add 99-laptop-mode.rules to trap multiple kernel events