LINX Changelog

New in version 2.2.1

June 11th, 2009
  • Fixed bug where the request ack bit was not set when the sliding window queue is becoming full.

New in version 2.2.0 (April 6th, 2009)

  • New Linxdisc and Linx internal messages patches for Wireshark 1.0.6
  • New LINX patches for tcpdump 4.0.0 and libpcap 1.0.0
  • Trace of internal LINX messages now use official LINX ethernet type, 0x8911.
  • Added new function linx_get_owner(), return the pid of the owner of a LINX endpoint.
  • Added missing files to MANIFEST.
  • Example files now have the correct copyright header.
  • Fixed oob-issue where the a link in some cases wasn't created.
  • Removed a state in the tcp cm state machine.
  • Did some major cleanup in tcp cm.
  • Removed a kernel function from af_linx.c
  • Fixed a bug in tcp cm regarding halt of workqueue when connecting to dead peers
  • Linux Gateway Server and Client added to distribution, also gwcmd tool to test Linx Gateway Servers.
  • Removed bug_on's and fixed better error reporting back to user space on failed send.
  • Fix bug in linx_info_filter_32
  • Fixed alignment issue in linxstat.
  • Removed linx_create/destroy_eth/tcp_link functions.
  • Avoid calling kmalloc(0) from Linx IPC-layer.

New in version 2.1.0 (November 13th, 2008)

  • LINX now supports Prioritized Signals, a.k.a. Out of Band Signals.
  • LINX links can now consist of two connections, where one is dedicated for the prioritized signals.
  • New binaries for creating and destroying links and connections were added. The linxcfg binary is now obsolete.