LFTP Changelog

New in version 4.6.4

August 20th, 2015
  • mirror: new option --transfer-all.
  • torrent: new setting torrent:timeout to limit time without any progress.
  • torrent: fixed handling of udp tracker without explicit port number.
  • torrent: improved transfer start time after metadata download.
  • improved sftp put -c to use a single FSETSTAT.
  • mirror --skip-noaccess now uses user name to check for permissions.
  • don't rename temporary file to the target name when transfer fails.
  • new cmd:prompt escapes \l and \L for local working directory.
  • translations updated (pl, ru, uk).
  • new configure option --disable-ipv6.
  • fixed compilation with an old gcc.

New in version 4.6.3a (June 18th, 2015)

  • new mirror setting mirror:overwrite and options --overwrite/--no-overwrite.
  • new mirror option --upload-older.
  • new mirror option --recursion={always,never,missing,newer}.
  • try to download zero sized files as they may be non-empty.
  • torrent: new options --only-new, --only-incomplete.
  • torrent: fixed endless loop in FD deallocation.
  • fixed a memleak when parsing a directory listing with special files.
  • fixed one byte buffer overflow in cls.
  • fixed cmd:fail-exit description in the man page.
  • fixed large stack usage when parsing fish directory listings.

New in version 4.6.2 (April 17th, 2015)

  • new command "edit" instead of the edit alias.
  • new setting ssl:priority for disabling selected protocols.
  • new settings fish:auto-confirm and sftp:auto-confirm.
  • new setting file:use-lock to lock local files before accessing.
  • ftp: fixed disconnecting on timeout (broken in 4.6.0).
  • http: enclose ipv6 address in brackets in URLs and Host header.
  • fixed mirror for http protocol with redirections.
  • fixed `bookmark edit' to use correct XDG path if XDG is used.
  • fixed a wildcard certificate validation vulnerability (CVE-2014-0139).
  • fixed proxy authentication for CONNECT method.
  • fixed exit code of `help' command.
  • fixed sftp to show file names with slashes.
  • fixed pget status display when all chunks are done except the first one.
  • Ukrainian translation updated (Yuri Chornoivan).
  • Russian translation updated.

New in version 4.6.1 (December 30th, 2014)

  • new mirror option --scan-all-first.
  • mirror --Remove-source-files now removes files already present at the target.
  • added a workaround for FUSE with HadoopFS I/O error during rename(2).
  • fixed du to round file size up to block size.
  • fixed compilation with libressl.
  • fixed OPTS MLST, removed trailing semicolon.
  • fixed put to sftp with special files (like /dev/stdin).
  • fixed ftp to copy SID properly with GnuTLS (Tim Kosse).
  • fixed mirror to follow redirections to files (Tomas Hozza).

New in version 4.6.0 (October 13th, 2014)

  • new torrent --share option.
  • new setting mirror:require-source.
  • new settings xfer:use-temp-file and xfer:temp-file-name.
  • ftp: wait for QUIT reply before closing control socket.

New in version 4.5.5 (September 4th, 2014)

  • added support for internationalized domain names.
  • added lftp --norc option.
  • added mirror "Finished" message.
  • added ftp:catch-size setting.
  • fixed net:max-retries setting.
  • fixed byte counters in mirror status.
  • fixed a segfault in ftps.
  • fixed a spurious error message in fxp and ftp.

New in version 4.5.4 (August 9th, 2014)

  • new setting mirror:sort-by (name, size, date).
  • torrent: reduced cpu and memory usage.
  • fixed occasional "BUG:deadlock" message.
  • fixed a segfault when a directory contains duplicate file names.
  • fixed a memory leak in torrent.
  • fixed byte counters in mirror --depth-first.
  • fixed timeout checks in FISH.
  • translations updated (pl).

New in version 4.4.15 (January 24th, 2014)

  • new setting pget:min-chunk-size.
  • improved DHT search by preferring responded nodes.
  • allow UTC timezone in http timestamps.
  • fixed WebDAV rmdir operation.
  • fixed torrent hang on shutdown when a tracker is unresposive.
  • fixed adding too may slashes to URLs in http.

New in version 4.4.14 (December 13th, 2013)

  • Fixed HEAD/PROPFIND handling in http.
  • A minor memory leak fixed.

New in version 4.4.13 (November 30th, 2013)

  • Fixed a bug in file size checking code.

New in version 4.4.11 (November 13th, 2013)

  • Fixed a slow down in mirror from http (thanks to OGAWA Hirofumi).
  • Fixed a coredump in sftp when accessing an inexistent file.

New in version 4.4.10 (October 15th, 2013)

  • mirror new option --file/-f to mirror a single file.
  • mirror new option -O for get/put similarity.
  • WebDAV fixes and improvements.
  • new setting ftp:use-utf8 to disable utf-8 activation.
  • fixed handling of incorrect encoding of file names.
  • fixed compilation without libiconv.
  • fixed occasional hang in mirror.
  • kill ssh when terminating fish or sftp connection.

New in version 4.4.9 (August 24th, 2013)

  • implemented support for mirror -L in sftp.
  • pass all 3 std file descriptors when attaching to lftp instance.
  • ftp: added a workaround for incorrectly formatted multiline replies.
  • sftp: added a workaround for RouterOS v6.
  • fixed mirror --no-empty-dirs to skip directories with no included files.
  • fixed segfault when there is no TERM environment variable.
  • fixed torrent for meta-info files with % in their names.
  • fixed compilation when IPV6_V6ONLY if not defined.
  • fixed compilation with older zlib.
  • fixed FD_CLOEXEC flag on cwd and transfer_log.
  • fixed MLSD parsing for semicolons in file names.
  • new translation: Ukrainian (thanks to Yuri Chornoivan).
  • man page updated.

New in version 4.4.5 (March 14th, 2013)

  • User/group name lookup performance fixed.

New in version 4.4.4 (February 27th, 2013)

  • added support for TLS SNI extension.
  • added UDP tracker support.
  • added cls -a option to show dot files.
  • new setting cmd:show-status.

New in version 4.4.0 (September 28th, 2012)

  • implemented bittorrent extensions (FAST, DHT, LTEP, ut_metadata, ut_pex).
  • allow torrent downloading by magnet links.
  • new setting torrent:use-dht.
  • new torrent option --dht-bootstrap for manual bootstrapping.
  • add support for name.utf-8 and path.utf-8 in torrent metadata.
  • now net:limit-rate and net:limit-total-rate settings can use suffixes, e.g. `set net:limit-total-rate 1M:500k'.
  • allow numeric user names.
  • don't try to upload if ALLO fails.
  • send PROT to ftp servers always when AUTH is activated.
  • fixed gnutls non-fatal error checking.
  • fixed execution of at-finish and at-queue-finish in certain cases.
  • fixed termcap coredump.
  • fixed opie on 64-bit machines.

New in version 4.1.1 (November 26th, 2010)

  • A bug with job command line display was fixed.

New in version 4.1.0 (November 23rd, 2010)

  • send path components to ftp server separately, unless TVFS is in FEAT reply.
  • save pget status at the very beginning of pget execution.
  • allow mirror pget continuation (mirror -c --use-pget).
  • allow multiple torrent startup at once (e.g. torrent *.torrent).
  • pre-allocate disk space in torrent, if posix_fallocate(3) is supported.
  • new command prefix `local'. It makes the following command use local session instead of remote.
  • added torrent multi-tracker support.
  • fixed convert-mozilla-cookies cookie duplication.

New in version 4.0.9 (June 16th, 2010)

  • Some bugs fixed.

New in version 3.7.12 (April 28th, 2009)

  • fixed core dump on `mput -d' command.
  • fixed a core dump on `kill' command.
  • fixed mkdir -p for sftp protocol.
  • fixed some signed/unsigned conversion bugs.