LDView Changelog

New in version 4.0.1

February 12th, 2009
  • This release fixed official part detection for parts in the 2008-1 LDraw library update.
  • Generation of conditional lines on full tori was fixed to not produce invalid lines.
  • A problem that caused invalid lighting with certain rare sub-model matrices was fixed.

New in version 4.0 Beta 1 (December 4th, 2008)

  • Basic support for steps was added.
  • Basic means that rotations and buffer exchanges aren't supported.
  • POV export support was added, including LGEO support with separate XML files. MPD sub-model selection was added.
  • Model tree view was added.
  • SMP-awareness was implemented for conditional edges and sorted transparency.
  • A native Cocoa version was added for Mac OS.