Kvkbd Changelog

New in version 0.6

December 5th, 2008
  • Fix behaviour of the caps lock, num lock, alt gr and shift keys(thanks to Scott for his Caps Lock patch!)
  • Repeating keys by pressing a button for a long amount of time now works correctly
  • Correctly save the configuration options
  • Remember if the extent was visible when closing and display it at the next start if it's the case
  • Added semantic markup to the i18n() calls
  • Added a hack so that keys "^" and "ยจ" are displayed correcly, at least on azerty keyboards
  • Correctly displays the "&" key(previously it only worked if it was accessible using the Shift key)
  • The numpad doesn't go beyond the screen edge when enabled near the right of the screen
  • Added a DBUS Interface
  • Use kdelibs coding style
  • Bug fixes and code cleanup