Kubuntu Changelog

New in version 12.10 Beta 2

September 27th, 2012
  • KDE Plasma and Applications 4.9 add many new features and fixes
  • Calligra is the default office and graphics suite adding top class painting and database applications
  • New login manager LightDM adds a guest session feature for letting your friends use your computer quickly
  • Telepathy-KDE becomes the default chat program offering easier set up to modern networks like Facebook and GTalk
  • New applications on the images include Skanlite for scanning, Kamoso for webcam images, tablet config, GTK config and Print Manager
  • Digikam 2.8 adds better photo handling http://www.digikam.org/drupal/node/661.
  • The release of Rekonq 1 gives Kubuntu the stable web browser it deserves.
  • A Facebook resources in Kontact means you can get calendar and contact information from your Facebook account.
  • While a Google resource means you can get calendar information from your Google account .
  • OwnCloud 4 gives many web applications in your own remote or local cloud