Kst Changelog

New in version 2.0.4

October 14th, 2011
  • A major re-write of the auto-layout command: it works much better now and no longer gets in the way
  • Improvements to automatic legend names
  • Fixes to the layout mode, with better visual feedback during drag operations
  • Numerous other bugfixes and improvements (point density, scientific notation, issues with log mode, bar colors, fixed aspect ratio in images and svg annotation items)
  • UI and usability improvements: for instance you can now just double-click on labels or axes to open the corresponding dialog
  • The introduction of a Settings->Theme dialog which sets brush, stroke, and font for all view items, optionally applying to all existing objects, and/or saving as the default for all future objects
  • A great new auto-completer for the the equation editor and label editor, including support for wildcards
  • A number of crashes fixed in various plugins