KNOPPIX Boot CD Changelog

New in version 7.0.5

December 22nd, 2012
  • Version 7.0.5 of Knoppix is based on the usual picks from Debian stable (squeeze) and newer Desktop packages from Debian/testing and Debian/unstable (wheezy). It uses kernel 3.6.11 and xorg 7.7 (core 1.12.4) for supporting current computer hardware.
  • Optional 64-bit Kernel via boot option "knoppix64", supporting systems with more than 4GB of RAM and chroot to 64-bit installations for system rescue tasks (DVD version only).
  • LibreOffice 3.6.4,
  • Gimo 2.8,
  • Chromium 22.0.1229.94 and Firefox/Iceweasel 10.0.11 Web Browser,
  • LXDE (Default) with filemanager PCMANFM 1.0, KDE 4.8 (boot option knoppix desktop=kde, DVD version only), GNOME 3.4 (boot option knoppix desktop=gnome, DVD version only).
  • Wine version 1.5 for integration of Windows (TM) based programs.
  • EBook Speaker, an accessible ebook reader.
  • Virtualbox version 4.1.18 (DVD version only) and qemu-kvm 1.1.2 for (para-)virtualization.
  • Kernel contains (as an exception) two patches against the official Kernel:
  • A bugfix for the zram "RAM compression" stability, introduced in earlier versions, because since Kernel 3.6.5 there were massive problems in memory access of the zram driver (see zram
  • zram is especially useful for older computers with low ram: Up to 75% of main memory will be compressed if running out of ram. This way, it is possible to start large programs without needing a swap area on disk. With this feature, the system can use up to twice as much "virtual" ram (for averagely compressible data).
  • Preliminary support for newer Atheros network cards not present yet in the official kernel (models 1969:1091 - AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet, 1969:1090 - AR8162 Fast Ethernet, 1969:10A1 - AR8171 Gigabit Ethernet, 1969:10A0 - AR8172 Fast Ethernet).
  • Bugfix: When starting from CD or DVD, autoeject on shutdown works again.
  • Experimental:
  • A second version of the Knoppix-To-Flash installer now allows to use Linux partitions as overlay for saving personal data, which eliminates the former restriction to an overlay file of less than 4GB on FAT32. In order to use this, the installer allows to optionally repartition the USB flash or hard disk.
  • New GUI for comfortably mounting Samba or Windows(TM) shares.