Kiwix Changelog

New in version 0.9 RC2

January 3rd, 2013
  • FIXED: kiwix-manage generate wrong size for splitted ZIM files (ID: 3547892)
  • FIXED: kiwix-install crashes
  • FIXED: kiwix-serve memory leak on ARM (ID: 3538663)
  • FIXED: Open link in new tab from the right-click contextual menu (ID: 3553735)
  • FIXED: Hide bookmarks sidebar in the "library view" (ID: 3555848)
  • FIXED: Better landing page loading in kiwix-plug (by introducing ip forwarding)
  • FIXED: Unclean Windows Registery after uninstalling (ID: 3467455)
  • FIXED: Problems in creating PDF/HTML from tabs (#362)
  • FIXED: Kiwix crashes on MS/Windows with "special" files (#317)
  • FIXED: 0.9rc1 broken Drag&Drop of files (regression)
  • FIXED: Multiple bugs impacting kiwix-plug scripts
  • FIXED: Server URL computation - was buggy in a few special cases (#363)
  • FIXED: *.zimaa files management (improved)
  • FIXED: Indexing progression computation (more accurate)
  • FIXED: "verbose" mode in kiwix-install, kiwix-index and kiwix-serve
  • FIXED: Ugly 16x16 kiwix icon
  • FIXED: Broken suggestion/search textbox with “syllable input mode”
  • FIXED: Buggy kiwix-manage remove feature
  • FIXED: Internet Explorer compatibility with kiwix-serve.
  • FIXED: Sporadicaly dying (serving big contents) kiwix-serve (#371)
  • FIXED: 64bits kiwix crashes on Archlinux (#365)
  • FIXED: Buggy filtering by size in the library
  • FIXED: Weak windows handling with small screen resolution
  • FIXED: kiwix- console tools do not start on OSX
  • NEW: New supported user interface languages: Zazaki (diq), Javanese (jv), Khmer (km), Urdu (ur), Burmese (my), South Azerbaijani (azb)
  • NEW: CTR+R to load random article (ID: 3549370)
  • NEW: Improved server dialog window
  • NEW: "Inverted colors" feature (ID: 3551975)
  • NEW: Internationalisation of kiwix-plug welcome page (en, fr, de)
  • NEW: Start Kiwix from the console with -search cmd line argument (ID: 3538176)
  • NEW: Search suggestions in kiwix-serve (ID: 2945983)
  • NEW: Xulrunner 14.0.1 (instead of 12)
  • NEW: Desktop shortcut creation in Windows installer
  • NEW: Ask to load content at the end of a download (ID: 3563964)
  • NEW: if "/M/Description" empty, check "/M/Subtitle" (used by Mediawiki Collection ext.)
  • NEW: Windows compilation using Visual Studio 2010
  • NEW: kiwix-serve (HTTP server) for MS/Windows (#140)
  • NEW: Persistent bookmark set over sessions (#188)

New in version 0.9 Beta 5 (December 29th, 2011)

  • This beta fixes many issues related to Windows, especially with Windows7.

New in version 0.9 Beta 4 (November 2nd, 2011)

  • Fix regression, menu "last open" where not working anymore
  • Fix regression, avoid restarting aria2 at program exit
  • New content manager search/filter feature (ID: 3390515)
  • Newly able to deal with more than one XML library feed
  • Fixed missing link on feedback notification on OSX no growl (ID: 3419105)
  • Better kiwix-serve default loading if no welcome page is defined in ZIM (ID: 3417227)
  • Fixed Freezes on Windows 7 (ID: 3422838)

New in version 0.9 Beta 3 (October 6th, 2011)

  • Many usability improvements and bugfixes were made.
  • New static versions are available for Linux and Sugar.

New in version 0.9 Beta 2 (August 12th, 2011)

  • Many usability improvements and bugs fixes were made.
  • Part of them were regressions introduced three weeks ago with the 0.9 beta1 release.

New in version 0.9 Beta 1 (July 22nd, 2011)

  • Remove a hard coded path in (ID: 3135956)
  • Avoid the flickering during mouseover links after canceling the indexing
  • Force loading no plugin to avoid any problem (with libmoon for example)
  • kiwix-index backend argument is now an option and set as "xapian" per default
  • Fix regressions responsible for lower case titles in result list (ID: 3147594)
  • Implement the HTTP 404 error in kiwix-serve
  • Fix a small bug in the indexing code to avoid forgetting around 100 articles per ZIM file
  • Disable DNS prefetching for external links
  • New locales: Polish, Dutch
  • Open a ZIM file directly from the command line
  • Gnome and KDE integration: mime-type recognition + icon & application associations (ZIM double-click feature)
  • A list of ZIM files to download is dynamicaly downloaded in the help page if user online (ID: 3165272)
  • Simplification and improvment of the searchbar (no search button anymore, always available, standardized, ...)
  • New Find-in-text bar (like in firefox, at the bottom), to replace the dialogbox.
  • Result sidebar removed and replaced by a result web page "a la google"
  • Usage of jar files for a quicker startup
  • kiwix-serve CPU usage improvement (ID: 3213104)
  • New integrated content manager/downloader
  • Introduction of Desktop notifications (ID: 3315162)
  • New way to open link in new tab with shortcuts or drag&drop (ID: 3311320)
  • Option to change the profile directory

New in version 0.9 Alpha 7 (December 6th, 2010)

  • This version mainly fixes bugs.