Kieker Changelog

New in version 1.6

February 19th, 2013
  • Major changes:
  • Web-based UI for editing and running analysis projects (beta version)
  • Adaptive monitoring: (De)activate monitoring on method signature level at runtime based on signature patterns
  • Restructured and extended graph/visualization filters (trace coloring, tooltips etc.)
  • Log rotation for file system writer
  • Logging API: SLF4J support and logger selection via JVM argument
  • Many new AspectJ-based probes for detailed event-based tracing
  • Refactored realtime replayer based on new re-usable filters (realtime delay, record logger etc.)
  • Java EE example: Now included in core binary release archive and based on MyBatis JPetStore deployed to Jetty server
  • Definition of configuration properties and default values for analysis plugins and repositories now annotation-based
  • Removed legacy control servlet (JMX interface should be used instead)
  • Quality:
  • Bug fixes
  • Added a number of (JUnit) tests