KernelCheck Changelog

New in version 1.2.5

June 21st, 2009
  • Improved prepatch and mmpatch capture code
  • Added option to install package after build
  • Created new build_kernel function in, deprecating the file
  • Fixed non-interactive display
  • Fixed close button (in both windows)
  • Fixed virtualterminal
  • Custom patch is now a checkbox
  • Added cleanup checkbox
  • Replaced tabs with spaces
  • Added license file, now reads in file
  • Added kernel optimizations
  • Added functions get_patch_pkg(), get_patch_version(), get_patch_release() to
  • Cleaned up KernelPageParser class
  • Changed to use new functions in KernelPageParser
  • Added function to checkboxes for sound, optimize
  • Remove script added (use instead of
  • Fixed variable mess
  • Renamed glade files, disabled the fglrx button
  • Minor fixes to glade files, added nVidia support
  • Added KDE support
  • Proxy support