Karesansui Changelog

New in version 2.0.1

August 2nd, 2010
  • Improvements:
  • Added initial values for watch settings.
  • Fixed Issues:
  • Storage pools and network storages were able to be stopped/deleted even when they are used by guests.
  • Parse errors in iSCSI configuration file was not correctly handled, resulting in control panels not to appear.
  • In Xen hypervisor environment, some virtual machine report was not displayed.
  • Fixed some errors in notification messages.
  • Fixed some errors in Screen autoreloading.
  • Features:
  • Supports Xen and KVM as hypervisor.
  • Install virtual guest OS, boot up, shutdown, reach the virtual console directly from your web browser.

New in version 2.0.0 (July 23rd, 2010)

  • Graph reports for system resources
  • Support for storage pools
  • Support for network storages (iSCSI)
  • Guest import/export features
  • Server log viewer
  • Bonding management
  • System audit features

New in version 1.0.3 (November 10th, 2009)

  • Support for CentOS 5.4(i386/x86_64, host/guest)
  • Support for RHEL 5.4(i386/x86_64, host/guest)