KForge Changelog

New in version 0.19

July 5th, 2011
  • New support for WSGI (Apache mod_wsgi) (mod_python is already supported)
  • New project membership application, email notification to project administrators, approval and rejection of membership, and ability for an ordinary member to leave a project.
  • New SSH key register for each user
  • New access to Mercurial repositories via SSH
  • New access to Git repositories via SSH
  • New access to Subversion repositories via SSH
  • Improved Git plugin to use git-http-backend for git clients (was DAV)
  • Improved Git plugin to use Gitweb for browser clients (was DAV)
  • Improved Subversion plugin to use ViewVC for browser clients (was DAV).
  • Improved the default configuration file.
  • Changed license to Affero GPL (was GPL v2)
  • Fixed page response to ‘HTTP 404 Not Found’ when requested resource is not found (was 500 Internal Server Error)
  • Changed password digests to be more secure
  • Change date-time library to native datetime module (was mx.DateTime)

New in version 0.18 (June 22nd, 2010)

  • New Git plugin
  • New Joomla plugin
  • New project ‘recent changes’ feed aggregation
  • Support for using Mercurial services with Trac services
  • Support for using Git services with Trac services
  • Indication of when new project service configuration has loaded
  • Improved installer and install guide
  • Improved support for virtual KForge environments
  • Improved special character support
  • Improved compatibility with dependencies (django