New in version 1.8

February 19th, 2009
  • A new API enables users to run non-Java processes on the nodes.
  • JPPF is now integrated with GigaSpaces XAP.
  • Jobs and tasks can now be prioritized.
  • The configuration of a client connection pool is now easy and intuitive.

New in version 1.7 (December 17th, 2008)

  • Servers are now automatically detected, removing the need to use configuration files.
  • The administration console was enhanced for greater usability.
  • Administration commands can now be sent to multiple nodes at once.
  • The nodes' CPU usage can now be managed by setting the priority of the execution threads.
  • Critical class loading issues were fixed in the J2EE JCA connector.

New in version 1.6 (October 31st, 2008)

  • Tasks can now be defined from plain old Java objects.
  • A new JPPF Quick Start Guide is now availabe online and offline.
  • A new management feature enables resetting a node's task counter.
  • Improvements to the remote JMX connectivity facilitate the JPPF administration through firewalls.
  • Bugs were fixed in the peer-to-peer communication between servers.

New in version 1.5 (September 19th, 2008)

  • Tasks can now be defined from existing code using annotations.
  • A new, simplified API for defining and submitting tasks was implemented.
  • The amount of logging on disconnection events from the server was reduced to a manageable level.
  • Multiple bugs were fixed that prevented the nodes from running as services.
  • Multiple fixes were made to the JPPF screensaver.