JLojch Changelog

New in version 3.29

September 27th, 2013
  • New: JLojch Application for Android.
  • Added: Two New Visual Styles -> SeaGlass and Skin.
  • Added: Scroll in Visual Style selection.
  • Added: Tooltip on field observations of all tables to text comments look by placing the cursor on that field and not have to move the column width.
  • Added: text panel updates to display all changes.
  • Fixed: Text Menu Show Legend
  • Fixed: The way to display the thumbnail of the image viewer covers for that if there is no image it hangs the application.
  • Fixed: Image Viewer showed another cover to use the search.
  • Fixed: Tooltip of observations showed another text by using the search.
  • Fixed: Text Box updates because it incorrectly resized and displayed randomly.
  • Fixed: Changing user or register not updated the bottom panel of information.
  • Fixed: Setup Tab stayed Offline Mode activated to cancel changes if Partial mode was selected.
  • Removed: duplicate mysql libraries and bookstores obsolete.
  • Removed: Closing unnecessary connections.
  • Removed: Images obsolete.
  • Updated: Language files and messages were not translated.