Insync Changelog

New in version 1.0.25

November 29th, 2013
  • Added an option in the context menu to set and copy “private link”. This will set the file to “anyone with a link” permission.
  • Symlink to network drive issue - if any of the syncing locations is missing, Insync would throw an error and pause syncing the corresponding account. After you’ve restored the folder, you need to choose “Resume syncing” under the “Actions required” menu option.
  • Implemented the authorize option - In case you’ve accidently revoked Insync’s access, you can sign in again and the OAuth token will be refreshed.
  • Windows: The borderless dialogs can now be dragged using mouse

New in version 1.0.24 (October 16th, 2013)

  • Added interactions for erroneous conditions.
  • Added a changelog dialog.
  • Linux: Fixed UnicodeEncodeError when redirecting output of Insync command through pipe.
  • Linux: Added command to manage selective sync through curses interface.
  • Linux: Added a “not this time” option to the file manager integrator.
  • Linux: Set the current packages as conflicting with the beta packages.
  • Linux: Added fix for autostart entry.
  • Linux: Added folder location, license information, and export option to get_account_information command.
  • Linux: Added portable package.
  • Linux: Fixed method of getting root certificates.
  • Linux: Fixed creating “Add to Insync” in KDE.
  • Linux: Added set_export_option command.