IdentiCurse Changelog

New in version 0.9

February 12th, 2013
  • "from ostatus" is now replaced by "from $INSTANCE_URL" for remote notices. Thanks to @moggers87, we now have mostly functional UTF text entry support (i.e., non-ASCII characters work properly) - true support would depend on Python 2.x actually getting a curses module with proper wide-char support.
  • Slogans now appear instead of the "doing nothing" message. Can be restored to old behavior by setting "status_slogans" to false in config.
  • Tabs are now numbered - for tabs 1-9, the number is the same one you press to switch straight to it. Can be disabled by setting "enumerate_tabs" to false in config.
  • Border is now off by default. However, if you already set "border" in config, it will remain how you set it.
  • New slogans, as usual.
  • Bugfixes for:
  • Non-sane application of "new_reply_mode" when splitting notices.
  • All the "NoneType has no length" errors so far unearthed.
  • Crashes on "/user (n)"-type commands, where (n) is a notice number.