High Frontier Changelog

New in version 0.9.6

April 28th, 2010
  • This version is nearing a playable state. Do you develop new clean energy technology to save the world? Rely on the supplies of nuclear fuel to keep the economics going? Take to space in search of new resources? Or just sit back and watch the waters rise (or whatever will happen)?
  • Most important issue:
  • crash reports. If you play the game and it crashes, it would be very helpful if you could provide the contents of the 'intro.exe.log' file for debugging.
  • Minor things that needs more tweaking:
  • Migration model and growth model are still not switched on, so bases won't grow beyond their initial size. They need a bit more balancing
  • Difficulties with living in non-earth environments are not really reflected yet.
  • Thins that has been done in this release:
  • GUI has been changed to run in a thread giving a huge speed bonus. Many thanks to Mike Godfrey.

New in version 0.9 (August 17th, 2009)

  • Things that do not work yet:
  • While it is possible to build new cities, the migration model is not developed very much so they won't be populated
  • There is no actual way to bridge space to other planets yet. Technically it should be pretty easy to implement, but I'm still considering how it gameplay-wise is best effected.
  • The main thing that is blocking further development is a speed issue. The games run satisfactorily with < 30 cities, but the goal is to include a full list of the worlds cities over 1 million population (~400) plus of course there is need for space for expansion. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Probably coding the economical models in C or Pyrex or something, but I don't know how to do that.
  • py2exe does not work on the files so no windows binaries. I have narrowed the cause of this down to the ocempGUI but I can't fix it. Also because it is not exactly a fast GUI a to-do thing is to replace it. Any feedback on doing that is highly appreciated.