HiberNation Changelog

New in version September 28, 2012

September 29th, 2012
  • Added background pixmap see screenshots, 1 & 2 gives added contouring and color, you can easily return to old look by adding # comment to line 105 of the gtkrc
  • Added tiled wallpaper -make sure you set it to tiled.
  • Perfect fit, easy on the eye and makes this theme pop.
  • Fixed spin entry look for apps that use Qt, redesign of .png and reset of borders
  • Note: slight performance hit with this font, you decide its worth / benifit yourself. I like the crisp sharp, well defined look. Prosto makes reading a delight.

New in version September 20, 2012 (September 21st, 2012)

  • Spin button x,y set for wider spin button
  • Redo toolbar image to give tucked in look.
  • Redo of pressed button look, old look too dark unreadable text button in; path style or bread crumb style, toolbar.
  • Reset some xy and border sizes specifically toolbar, buttons, listheaders, combobox
  • cleaner and more unified button surround. Results? over a half second speed
  • gain when testing with gtkperf, a performance gtk testing tool.

New in version September 12, 2012 (September 14th, 2012)

  • Updated gtkrc - specifically, panel configs, desktop switcher backgrounds, systray, widget style settings
  • Recolorized Menu.png for clearer look with text and better highlight
  • contrast.
  • Recolored normal button interior to match slider for harmony and sharper font look with black text.
  • Changed entry color, gives it a nice pop/contrast.
  • Changed entry borders config.
  • Changed entry-focus and redid borders config.
  • Fixed spin entry border settings had black smudge bottom corners.
  • Recolored normal spin button to match, normal button and slider look.
  • Xfwm4 window manager changes:
  • Raised titlebar height 6 pixels.
  • Cleaned up title dashboards of both active and inactive.
  • Changed title text color of both active/inactive, less eye strain.
  • Added 1 pixel Caribbean sea green accent to active window.
  • Recolored sides and bottom of active window to grey, left inactive as black.

New in version Apr 13, 2012 (April 13th, 2012)

  • (This change just affects XFCE)
  • Made xfce notification similar to tooltip png by adding, style "xfnotifywindow", to
  • gtkrc
  • Complete redo of range to mimic progressbar trough and changed range sliders to another style with better looks.
  • Changed progressbar trough and deepened progressbar color to give better
  • contrast, added outer transparency to progressbar to fit inside trough.
  • Changed GtkScales vert/horz set all to size 16 better fit an look.
  • Slight redo to bottom spin entry to better match regular entry.
  • Rework menubar-prelight and menubar settings to fix ugly qt app look
  • Changed index.theme less restrictions
  • Steamlined gtkrc

New in version Apr 4, 2012 (April 5th, 2012)

  • Added prelight buttons to xfwm
  • Changed default panel from vertical to horizontal. (Since most people use Horz)
  • Note of Interest:
  • In .../HiberNation/gtk-2.0/Panel folder there are two horz and two vert panels
  • you may choose any you wish by renaming the one you want it panel-bg.png
  • Or...
  • Right click empty spot on your panel, select > Panel >Preferences >Appearance tab >Style >Background image >File and choose any panel, kicker, etc .png that
  • you wish. I have an old folder around called Kickers from back in KDE 3.5 that
  • has numerous choices from gnome to kde to lxde panels that I choose from
  • whenever I get bored with a certain look.
  • Even if you use default configuration and if you use any kind of compositing
  • the panel looks way better if you link back to it from xfce4 panel preferences
  • options. Try it, you will like it!