Haiku Changelog

New in version R1 Alpha 4

November 13th, 2012
  • Bugs – Over 1000 bugs have been fixed since the alpha 3 release.
  • Debugging – New native Debugger application. Ability to generate QR codes in KDL.
  • File System – BFS is more robust. Improved NTFS support. Better Blu-ray Disc support.
  • Hardware – Improved USB OHCI Drivers. Improved CPU identification.
  • Localization – Improved translations. New keymap switcher application.
  • Multimedia – New 10-band equalizer.
  • Networking – Improved network card drivers. New pcnet driver. Early IPv6 support.
  • OpenGL Kit – Mesa updated to 7.8.2 for gcc2, and 8.1.0-devel for gcc4.
  • System – Improved virtual memory settings and swap file creation logic.
  • Video – Support for most Radeon HD chips as well as Intel Extreme chipsets.
  • Wireless – WPA/WPA2 support. Improved wireless card drivers.