Haguichi Changelog

New in version 1.3.0

August 12th, 2015
  • Complete port from Mono/GTK+2/GConf to Vala/GTK+3/GSettings.
  • Implemented headerbar to replace the classic menubar.
  • Implemented dynamically adaptive layout based on available width.
  • Implemented application menu for GNOME.
  • Added full support for HiDPI displays.
  • Added sidebar that shows information and actions for the selected network or member.
  • Added short text to empty network list on how to add a network.
  • Added symbolic application and panel icons for adwaita-icon-theme.
  • Updated any existing application and panel icons to use the new logo.
  • Commands that don't actually exist are not shown as member action anymore.
  • Unicode characters are now used for ellipsis and quotation marks.
  • Changed autostart .desktop file installation path back to /usr/etc/xdg/autostart.
  • Dropped support for Hamachi version and older.
  • Removed deprecated status icon.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, German, Italian, Kazakh, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian translations.
  • Updated license from GPLv2+ to GPLv3+.

New in version 1.0.26 (January 18th, 2015)

  • Added a searchbar to filter networks and clients in the treeview.
  • Added accelerators for the actions Join Network (Ctrl+J), Create Network (Ctrl+N) and Show Offline Members (Ctrl+M).
  • Activating the treeview row will not trigger the default command anymore if the selected member is not online.
  • Swapped out dependency on ndesk-dbus(-glib) for dbus-sharp(-glib).
  • Humanity panel icons are not included anymore because that theme has become outdated.
  • Added complete Slovak translation (thanks to Zdeněk Kopš).
  • Updated Czech, Kazakh and Turkish translations.

New in version 1.0.25 (August 23rd, 2014)

  • Improved shading of the hi-res application icon so that it looks better on dark backgrounds.
  • All automatically detectable terminal applications are now called using the -e option with (except for konsole) the argument enclosed in quotes.
  • Fixed crash that happened when disconnecting on quit.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.24 (April 8th, 2014)

  • Added support for systemd and upstart to control the Hamachi service.
  • The network list is now immediately updated after going online or offline in a network.
  • The update interval count is now reset after each manual update.
  • Restored panel icon animation when connecting.
  • Improved Hamachi version number retrieval.
  • Dropped support for beesu to gain super user privileges.
  • Updated Swedish translation.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.23 (January 11th, 2014)

  • Improved internet connection check by using netcat and web request as fallback if ping fails (fixes bug #1258361).
  • Wait for internet connection cycle is now using a separate thread.
  • Configuration folder is now always opened in the default file manager.
  • Added stock icons to open and save configuration menu items.
  • Added scrollbar policy to the commands editor in the preferences dialog.
  • Added complete Asturian translations (thanks to Tornes Llume).
  • Updated Bulgarian translation.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.22 (August 24th, 2013)

  • Increased command throughput rate (fixes bug #1205527).
  • Refactored command execution code so that it can handle large output (fixes bug #1204250).
  • Now using ping to check the internet connection, which is more reliable and also faster in most cases.
  • Threads that could potentially be spawned many times are now added to the thread pool to enable queuing.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to expand (Ctrl+[) and collapse (Ctrl+]) all networks.
  • Fixed crash that was triggered by changing the update interval.
  • Fixed regression that sometimes lead to wrong positioning of the main window.
  • Updated Italian, Kazakh and Russian translations.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.21 (June 8th, 2013)

  • Added functionality to open, backup and restore the Hamachi configuration folder.
  • Added support for pkexec to gain super user privileges (fixes bug #1179071).
  • Refactored network list extraction code to improve performance when parsing very large lists.
  • Optimized settings handling by eliminating unnecessary reads and writes to the backend.
  • Added command line option to use a text file as network list when running in demo mode.
  • Added complete Ukrainian translations (thanks to Fedir Zinchuk).
  • Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish and Spanish translation updated.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.20 (March 2nd, 2013)

  • Added 48x48 hicolor panel icons to accommodate Gnome Shell 3.6.
  • Swapped some icons in the icon chooser popup menu to improve cross icon theme compatibility.
  • Made some changes to basically support gateway networks (fixes bug #1098755).
  • When (re)starting Hamachi, output from the init script is not being relied on anymore.
  • When Hamachi is busy, commands will now be run again a short moment later.
  • Join requests for networks that requires manual approval are now sent immediately without confirmation.
  • Improved many error and confirmation dialogs.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.19 (December 27th, 2012)

  • Applications to use as terminal, file manager and remote desktop can now be automatically detected. Make sure your commands are respectively using the variables %TERMINAL, %FILEMANAGER or %REMOTEDESKTOP.
  • Supported terminal emulators are (in order of priority) gnome-terminal, mate-terminal, pantheon-terminal, xfce4-terminal, konsole, and xterm.
  • Supported file managers are (in order of priority) nautilus, caja, nemo, pantheon-files, thunar and dolphin.
  • Supported remote desktop viewers are (in order of priority) vinagre and krdc.
  • Changed autostart .desktop file installation path from /usr/etc/xdg/autostart to /usr/share/gnome/autostart so that Haguichi will show up again in "Startup Applications".
  • The workaround to retrieve complete addresses is not needed anymore for Hamachi and newer, because the issue has been fixed by LogMeIn.
  • When you run Haguichi for the very first time, from now on your username will be set as nickname.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.18 (November 26th, 2012)

  • Implemented a workaround for addresses being cut off in "hamachi list" command since LogMeIn started using the 25/8 address space. This workaround only works for online members.
  • The IPv6 address of a member is now ignored when an alias is set, because in that case the IPv6 address doesn't work.
  • The network list now immediately reflects network ownership once determined.
  • Improved retrieval of long nicknames.
  • Now using a slightly faster method to check the internet connection.
  • French, Indonesian and Russian translations updated.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.17 (August 22nd, 2012)

  • Removed all support for Hamachi, because with that version it’s not possible to login anymore.
  • Added support for member error statuses introduced in Hamachi version
  • Improved sorting by status.
  • Commands in the right click menu are now shown greyed out for members that are not online.
  • Now using alias as IPv4 address if set.
  • When using gksu or gksudo now showing the standard message again (but with descriptive name) to avoid confusion about what password to enter.
  • Network list updates can now be turned on or off separately from the update interval settings.
  • Added Ctrl+P accelerator for showing the preferences dialog.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.16 (July 20th, 2012)

  • Added capacity to network tooltip (available when using Hamachi version
  • Added connection type (direct or relayed) to member tooltip.
  • Added cyan colored icon for online members whose connections are relayed.
  • Changed the icon color for members that are awaiting approval from blue to pink.
  • Added complete Indonesian translations (thanks to Fattah Rizki).
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.15 (July 12th, 2012)

  • Added support for the list format changes introduced in Hamachi version
  • Czech and French translations updated.

New in version 1.0.14 (February 5th, 2012)

  • Improved ownership detection for lists with multiple networks when using Hamachi
  • Removed the checkbox "Go directly online in the network" which was shown in the "Join Network" and "Create Network" dialogs when using Hamachi
  • From now on Haguichi will always trigger the Hamachi client to go online in newly added networks to match the behavior of later clients.
  • Dutch and Polish translations updated.

New in version 1.0.13 (December 12th, 2011)

  • Transformed icon chooser dialog into a popup menu.
  • Added --skip-redirect flag to logmein-hamachi script calls in order to receive the original response on distro's using systemd.
  • French, Italian and Turkish translations updated.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.12 (October 17th, 2011)

  • Added full support for the IPv6 functionality available in Hamachi version
  • Configuring Hamachi² now also works with beesu.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.11 (August 29th, 2011)

  • Added support for the address format changes introduced in Hamachi version (Fixes bug #831922).
  • Information dialog labels are now shown dimmed, colonless and right aligned.
  • Added messagebar to attach dialog to replace error dialogs.
  • Attaching to account process is now threaded.
  • Made sudo command detection cleaner and faster (Fixes bug #802191).
  • Added gksu and beesu as detectable sudo command.
  • Added user friendly message for gksu and gksudo password dialogs.
  • Removed confirmation dialog before running tuncfg.
  • Updated ubuntu-mono-dark and ubuntu-mono-light panel icons to match the new style.
  • Added complete Bulgarian translations (thanks to Dimitar Dimitrov).
  • Other minor improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.10 (July 8th, 2011)

  • Added complete Brazilian Portuguese translations (thanks to Rodrigo de Avila).
  • Polish and Turkish translations updated.

New in version 1.0.9 (June 19th, 2011)

  • Fixed crash on right click in the network list (Bug #755656).
  • Kazakh and Russian translations updated.
  • Other minor improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.8 (May 24th, 2011)

  • Replaced the following dialogs with messages in a message bar:
  • Hamachi is not installed
  • Hamachi is not configured
  • Hamachi login failed
  • No internet connection
  • Connection refused
  • Send join request?
  • Added refresh button to "Hamachi is not installed" and "Hamachi is not configured" status messages.
  • Fixed status stuck at "Hamachi is not configured" after clicking "Configure" (Bug #751627).
  • Removed "Configure" option from menubar and status icon menu.
  • Added right click menu to unused treeview space with options "Join Network..." and "Create Network...".
  • Empty client nickname is now shown as "Anonymous" instead of "Unavailable".
  • Status icon menu can now be triggered in modal state (with only the "Quit" option available).
  • Tweaked the connection restore handling.
  • Layout improvements for all dialogs.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.7 (April 4th, 2011)

  • Added support for communicating with Haguichi AppIndicator over D-Bus.
  • Now showing the active session when a new session is started.
  • Added dependency on ndesk-dbus-glib.
  • Some layout changes to main menu and status icon menu.
  • Elementary and Elementary Dark panel icons are not included anymore because they are shipped upstream now.
  • Added complete Polish translations (thanks to Antoni Sperka).

New in version 1.0.6 (February 28th, 2011)

  • Fixed mismatch between model and view when not showing offline members in the network list, which could result in crashes (Bug #723506).
  • Now also collapsing or expanding networks after list updates.
  • Added support for using the variable %ID in commands, which prints the client’s ID.

New in version 1.0.5 (February 21st, 2011)

  • Nickname is now being remembered by Haguichi itself and is always set after each login, because Hamachi² seems to suffer from amnesia.
  • Now using regular expressions instead of splitting strings when parsing the network list (Fixes bug #706567).
  • Now using separate threads for the following actions:
  • Change nickname
  • Join network
  • Create network
  • Change network password
  • Approve join request
  • Reject join request
  • Evict member
  • Leave network
  • Delete network
  • Added notification for when Hamachi loses connection.
  • Added option to manually update the network list.
  • Added check to prevent multiple parallel update cycles.
  • Added one seconds pause after login to receive a more updated network list from Hamachi.
  • Added function to determine the distro specific script directory to use (Fixes bug #721314).
  • Dialogs to change nick, join network and create network are now only created when called upon.
  • Attached all dialogs to the opening parent and made most of them modal.
  • Changed status icon behavior to take account for modal dialogs.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.4 (January 24th, 2011)

  • Implemented persistent reconnect cycle (Fixes bug #685216).
  • Added optional larger network list layout.
  • Added option to show alternating row colors.
  • Added expander with Hamachi output to error dialogs.
  • Event notifications for the same member are now merged.
  • Command timeout is now 60 seconds default and has a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Network list update timer is now being set after finishing the previous cycle.
  • Network list update interval may be set to 0 now to turn it off completely.
  • Network id’s, nicks and passwords are now properly escaped when parsed to the command line.
  • Implemented a more safe icon lookup in the commands editor (Fixes bug #689644).
  • Version info is now correctly updated again after login when using Hamachi
  • Tweaked main window layout in disconnected state.
  • Tweaked preferences window layout.
  • Tweaked layout of menubar and status icon menu.
  • Tweaked the size of the monochrome panel icons.
  • Added complete Czech translations (thanks to Jan Bažant).
  • Added complete Turkish translations (thanks to Aytunç Yeni).
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.3 (December 13th, 2010)

  • Added theme specific panel icons for Humanity, Ambiance, Radiance, Elementary and Elementary Dark.
  • All pixmaps are now themable icons.
  • Removed gnome-sharp as dependency because the functionality used is also present in gtk-sharp.
  • Updated ownership detection for Hamachi because the server response seems to have changed.
  • Removed maximum length from password entry in join network, create network and change password dialogs.
  • Spanish translation update.

New in version 1.0.2 (November 8th, 2010)

  • Connecting process is now threaded so that the GUI stays responsive during login.
  • Added complete Kazakh translations (thanks to jmb_kz).
  • Added generic name and P2P as additional category to the desktop files.
  • Changed some icon names to cover the latest icon theme releases.
  • Fixed insensitive “Attach to Account” menu entry in some cases where it should be sensitive instead.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.1 (October 4th, 2010)

  • Added support for attaching the Hamachi² client to a LogMeIn account.
  • Improved out of the box support for different environments:
  • The default commands are now using KDE applications when a KDE session is detected.
  • Automatic detection of the available graphical sudo command (currently checks for gksudo, gnomesu, kdesudo and kdesu).
  • Prevents GConf libraries from segfaulting when the configuration server isn’t running.
  • Added complete Japanese translations (thanks to Satoru Matsumoto).
  • Added command line options ––help, ––version and ––license.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

New in version 1.0.0 (August 30th, 2010)

  • Elaborate support for the Hamachi² client, including:
  • Managing access to your Hamachi² network (setting password, lock and approval method)
  • Sending join requests to when a network requires manual approval of your membership
  • Support for long nicknames (> 25 characters) of members in your list
  • Updating the network list and changing network status is now handled in the background (using threads) so the GUI stays responsive during these events.
  • Complete translations for one new language: Italian.
  • Added an interactive demo mode which acts as if there’s an Hamachi² client present, even when there’s not. Handy for taking screenshots or simply trying out Haguichi without having to install the Hamachi client. Start Haguichi from command line with option –demo to activate this mode.
  • New spiffy icons! Many thanks to Lapo Calamandrei for creating the new sleeker base shape and giving me a live demo over IRC on how to draw highres icons.

New in version 0.9.2 (July 3rd, 2010)

  • Complete translations for two new languages: Russian and Swedish.
  • Some other translation updates.
  • Fixed dialogs sometimes being visible shortly at startup.
  • Fixed unnecessary deployment of Main.cs file.

New in version 0.9.1 (June 20th, 2010)

  • Complete translations for three new languages: French, German and Spanish;
  • Haguichi is now able to automatically reconnect when the connection is lost;
  • Haguichi now waits for an established internet connection before trying to connect, if it’s configured to connect automatically at startup (Fixes bug #588903).

New in version 0.9.0 (May 25th, 2010)

  • This release contains all features required to control Hamachi plus much more. To discover all it’s features download Haguichi and give it a shot!