HGL Suite Changelog

New in version 0.5.21

February 22nd, 2014
  • This release moves the decompiler (the -d switch in the interpreter) into own output plugin, makes svg2hgl refuse svg files which contain unrecoverable invalid IDs, adds an "include" function to import HGLZ files, and makes many bugfixes.

New in version 0.5.17 (January 25th, 2014)

  • This release lets the netpbm image output plugin write both PPM and PAM and increases the performance of the compiler.

New in version 0.5.16 (January 20th, 2014)

  • Improved signing and signature verification.
  • Fixed a bug with the -I (searchdirs) option.
  • Bumped to libhgltypes2.
  • A default signing key can be set in the config file.
  • The ability to explicitly allow unsigned hglz files.

New in version 0.5.12 (September 16th, 2013)

  • This release disables PDF documentation (it caused too many problems to create), provides background prefetching of remote fonts for the interpreter, adds overall performance improvements (especially at bezier calculations), and fixes the Ellipse fill with alpha not to produce artifacts.

New in version 0.5.11 (September 2nd, 2013)

  • This is mainly a maintenance release, with a further reworked code base and improved developer documentation.
  • Interpreter: an unhandled exception in LUA execution has been fixed.
  • libhgltypes: minor performance improvements.
  • More compact documentation.
  • libhgltypes: improved structural integrity checks.

New in version 0.5.10 (August 24th, 2013)

  • This is mainly a developers release including updated documentation and internally reworked code.
  • It added support for the SMB protocol, libhgltypes1 documentation, a restructured code base, and structural integrity checks.

New in version 0.5.3 (July 26th, 2013)

  • Refined bezier curves by calculating more points.
  • Fixes an issue in the z instruction in svg2hgl.
  • Fixes a crash on invalid groups in svg2hgl.
  • The decompiler produces smaller results (fractionless floats as integers).
  • A basic SVG image output plugin has been added.
  • Internal code changes and bugfixes.

New in version 0.4.80 (June 24th, 2013)

  • X-axis centric gradient fill for polygons is now supported.
  • Decompiling with the -d switch in the interpreter was implemented.
  • bash completion was provided for the hgl interpreter.
  • Text rendering now uses HGL virtual units instead of absolute pixels.
  • Alpha (blending) support was improved.
  • Render callback calculation was corrected.
  • The progress.sh example script was improved.

New in version 0.4.76 (June 3rd, 2013)

  • This version is called "lightspeed release" because HGL got an enormous performance boost, especially with large projects.
  • It also adds the new Lua functions createGroup and getGroup, fixes memory leaks, adds bounding box and aspect ratio calculation, and adds centric fill for ellipses.