Guarded Key Changelog

New in version 1.1.0

August 2nd, 2011
  • Financial Info - Bank Account and Credit/Debit card management. Allows to add bank account numbers, with routing number, SWIFT code, IBAN number, credit/debit card numbers with security code (useful for online shopping), PIN (ATM access code), expiration date, billing address or address of the financial institution, phone number, email, website address.
  • Contacts - Address book which allows to enter name, birth date, home or work address, cell/home/work phone numbers, personal/work email address, website, social network links, web address pointing to a photograph, download photo to local storage and display photo when contact is selected in the address book.
  • Products - Product code management allows to maintain information about software licenses, software activation codes, expiration date, hardware/software product codes or serial numbers, contact information, phone number, email address, website and social network links.
  • Mac OS X - added icon into the system menu. Clicking icon opens menu with list of all online accounts. Clicking an account opens browser and attempts automatic sign in. Popup menu was only available on Windows and Linux, now it has been added into Mac OS X version.
  • Added "Touch Screen" menu item into taskbar icon popup menu (all platforms). Clicking this menu item opens Touch Screen with icons representing online accounts.

New in version 1.0.8 (June 23rd, 2011)

  • Newly released version for Mac OSX (Snow Leopard).
  • Cryptographic Security Token - added new feature which generates Security Token based on "Certificate + Password" or "Certificate + RSA Signature". Security token is used to sign into online accounts. Authentication process uses dynamically generated security token instead of static password. Security token contains timestamp and is used by server to authenticate user only if timestamp corresponds to current date and time, old tokens are dismissed as invalid. Security token can only be used for sign in once, after that it is considered invalid. This feature greatly increases safety of online accounts.
  • Changes in user interface to accommodate new features. "Sign In" button moved next to combo box with list of accounts, which makes more visible to user. Automatic password checkbox replaced by 2 radio buttons "Automatic password" and "Custom password". Added Security Token settings.
  • Dialog "Sign In" - pressing enter in text box "User Id" will navigate to "Password" text box. This makes signing into Guarded Key database easier on Mac OSX (otherwise using mouse or pressing Option-TAB is required).
  • Added "Tips and Tricks" into the application menu. This is a link to online documents.