GtkHash Changelog

New in version 0.7.0

January 29th, 2014
  • This version adds a Nemo File Manager extension and more command-line options.

New in version 0.6.0 (December 15th, 2011)

  • This version adds a "Check" feature for comparing digests and adds support for MD6 and HMAC.
  • GSettings is now used instead of GConf for storing preferences.

New in version 0.5.0 (November 1st, 2011)

  • This version improves performance on SMP systems and adds support for libcrypto.

New in version 0.4.0 (October 31st, 2011)

  • Added support for hashing non-local files using GIO
  • Made mhash an optional dependency
  • Added optional support for other hash libraries/interfaces
  • Added Digest Format option
  • Added optional Thunar (Xfce file manager) plugin
  • Added support for GTK+ 3
  • General usability improvements

New in version 0.3.0 (November 23rd, 2009)

  • Added an optional Nautilus extension

New in version 0.2.1 (January 1st, 2009)

  • Fixed progress bar display for large files
  • Removed dependency on libglade