Greasemonkey Changelog

New in version 3.3

August 16th, 2015
  • Feature enhancements:
  • Allow the script preference window flex size, especially useful for smaller displays. (#2191)
  • The script preference editor now allows editing @match (as well as @include and @exclude like always). (#2126)
  • GM_getResourceURL is now compatible with favicons. (#1955)
  • Web sites should not be able to detect that Greasemonkey is installed. (#1787)
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Web pages whose URLs end with .user.js should load properly. (#2178)
  • Repair memory leak related to GM_registerMenuCommand(). (#2067)

New in version 2.3 (December 11th, 2014)

  • Enhancements and changes:
  • Added @noframes metadata imperative. (#1859
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Improved disk usage of script values' SQLite databases. (#2036)
  • Fixed the responseType feature for GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#2032)
  • Fixed a null variable reference in Firefox Sync. (#2014, #2017)

New in version 1.15 (February 13th, 2014)

  • Enhancements:
  • Greasemonkey sends headers when making script update checks. (#1824)
  • Allow correct installation of even scripts with invalid duplicate UTF-8 BOMs. (#1823)
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Applied a workaround for a Firefox crash that affects scripts which use setInterval() incorrectly. (#1869)
  • Fixed enable/disable button state for user scripts in Add-ons Manager. (#1811)

New in version 1.14 (January 17th, 2014)

  • Fixed bugs:
  • Certain script install/uninstall actions could cause Firefox to fail to open (Windows only). (#1833)

New in version 1.14 Beta 1 (January 13th, 2014)

  • Firefox won't start with Greasemonkey since trying to remove a userscript
  • Clean up Sync code from 1.13 betas
  • GM 1.13´╝îcannot open firefox
  • Uninstalling script breaks Firefox
  • Firefox Nightly invisible w/ Greasemonkey 1.13 beta 5 & 6

New in version 1.13 (December 6th, 2013)

  • Enhancements:
  • All scripts installed from will use HTTPS by default, so that automatic updates will work. (#1800)
  • All stored script values (GM_setValue) move from the (soon to be limited) Firefox global preferences store into a per-script database, so that this limit will not break scripts. (#1798)
  • Log a more understandable error if GM_getResourceText is called with a nonexistent resource name. (#1796)
  • User script installation will continue if the @icon is unavailable. (#1793)
  • Firefox Sync support, to keep installed User Scripts the same on all your browsers. (#1573)
  • Fixed bugs:
  • We will not (incorrectly) say "Greasemonkey is disabled" when using the Show Script Source button. (#1828)
  • Fix saving the new script template value. (#1808)
  • Keep the Add-ons Manager display up to date as scripts change. (#1804)

New in version 1.11 (August 3rd, 2013)

  • Enhancements:
  • The GM_info object now has a scriptSource property, like Tampermonkey. (#1738)
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Scripts will no longer run on data: scheme URLs. This is a security enhancement. (#1767)
  • Fixed errors logged to the console when opening the "Websites..." Monkey Menu item. (#1762)
  • Fix GM_openInTab() behavior when moving tabs across windows. (#1758)

New in version 1.10 (July 12th, 2013)

  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fix some corner cases with the value displayed for a script's modified date in the Add-ons Manager. (#1744)
  • Fix GM_openInTab() behavior with relative URLs. (#1719)
  • Enhancements:
  • Navigating to a user script while Greasemonkey is disabled will display a warning, in case the intent was to install the script. (#1727)
  • Added a context parameter to GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1725)
  • Added GM_setClipboard() API method. (#1514)

New in version 1.9 (May 23rd, 2013)

  • Keep the script name and version in sync, for the Add-ons Manager display. (#1734, #1710)
  • Fix launching editor from script preferences window, when certain extended characters are in the @name or @namespace. (#1732)
  • Fix automated script updates (the first automatic update could cause future updates to stop working). (#1723)
  • The abort() method for GM_xmlhttpRequest was not permissioned properly. (#1714)

New in version 1.8 (February 28th, 2013)

  • Enhancements:
  • Added shortcuts to the various Greasemonkey web sites in the monkey menu. (#1704)
  • The redirectionLimit option has been added to GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1690)
  • By default the script editor is now Scratchpad, which is built into Firefox. This can be configured in the Greasemonkey Options dialog. (#1688)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Scripts work at about:blank again. (#1696)
  • Drag-and-drop into the Add-ons Manager works now. (#1663)

New in version 1.7.1 (January 26th, 2013)

  • A change to the Magic TLD feature in Greasemonkey 1.6 had adverse performance impact, when enough installed scripts make use of this feature. (#1689)
  • Two translations were missing from the cs locale. (#1687)

New in version 1.6 (January 16th, 2013)

  • Enhancements:
  • Properly run scripts on pages that specify only a username in the URL. (#1677)
  • Tweak the "New User Script.." feature which allows adding a user script from the keyboard so that it's harder to overwrite installed scripts. (#1672)
  • Add the line number to the "use of return outside functions is deprecated" warning. (#1670)
  • Update the pattern matching for the Magic TLD part of @include rules. (#1351)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Calling window.location.replace() with only an #anchor part of the URL no longer fails. (#1584)

New in version 1.5 (November 20th, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • Improve the clarity of the error message when installing a script with a missing sub-resource. (#1666)
  • Create opt-in only statistics gathering. See the post about this. (#1651)
  • When displaying an update that has been found but not installed due to user settings, show the version that will be installed by the update, not the version already installed. (#1497)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fix a failure to download updates when one is found. (#1669)
  • Fix the enable/disable pattern on the User Script Commands sub menu. (#1665)
  • Do not break the script when adding a bad (i.e. 404) URL as a new @require. (#1661)
  • Avoid loops when the resource at downloadURL and updateURL disagree about the newest available version. (#1659)
  • Fix when relative URLs are provided for downloadURL or updateURL. (#1658)

New in version 1.3 (September 29th, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • The "Show Script Source" button in the install dialog is enabled as soon as the script source is downloaded. (#1640)
  • Use new style non-modal popup notifications where old toast style notifications were used. (#1563)
  • Bug fixes:
  • A false "update" was installed on every page load. (Cause: #1636 Fix: #1643)

New in version 1.1 (September 14th, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • Compatibility with upcoming Firefox changes. (See; #1595)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fix a Firefox crash caused by a bad greasemonkey-script: URL (i.e. passing the empty string, or a nonexistent resource name to GM_getResourceUrl().) (#1623)
  • Re-fixed the setTimeout + alert issue; it popped up again in the grant none case. (Note: Firefox 16 fixes this for real. This just applies the same old workaround.) (#1620)
  • Fixed the character encoding of the es-CL translation. (#1616)
  • Fixed the display of the "Enabled" check mark in the monkey menu. (#1611)
  • Fixed the "Show Script Source" button for some scripts. (#1609)
  • Killed the final remaining zombie compartment (i.e. memory leak). (#1608)

New in version 0.9.22 (August 2nd, 2012)

  • Fix memory leak related to GM_registerMenuCommander. (#1578)

New in version 0.9.20 (May 19th, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • When the toolbar is in text-only mode, the "Greasemonkey" label on the toolbar button will be striked-out when Greasemonkey is disabled. (#1544)
  • When selecting a script editor, the previous choice will be remembered and displayed. (#1546)
  • Bug fixes:
  • A change in 0.9.19 broke setTimeout() for a variety of cases, that has been reverted. (#1549, #1552, #1553)

New in version 0.9.19 (May 10th, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • A custom wrapper to make setTimeout() work even when Javascript is disabled. (#1209)
  • Restored the "script installed successfully" toast notification. (#1511)
  • Scripts download more incrementally; the install dialog should appear as soon as the script metadata has been downloaded, not after the entire script is downloaded. (#1523)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Specifying a script editor in a non-ASCII folder will work (Firefox 4+ only). (#1173)
  • Scripts installed while the Add-Ons Manager is open will show their icon. (#1535)
  • Plus a variety of minor code cleanups and enhancements behind the scenes.

New in version 0.9.18 (March 1st, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • Automatic update checking can be enabled, without automatically installing updates. (#1455)
  • Script updating is enabled by default. Please read the blog post describing this new feature. (#1462, #1463, #1480)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Add-on Manager shows correct data when re-installing (e.g. to update) a script. (#1476)
  • Re-installed scripts are put into the same directory as the original. (#1515)
  • The matches property of GM_info is now a list of (pattern) strings. (#1516)

New in version 0.9.17 (February 12th, 2012)

  • Bug fixes: Error: "aForced is not defined". (#1517)

New in version 0.9.16 (February 11th, 2012)

  • Enhancements:
  • Expose information (including Greasemonkey version) to user scripts via GM_info. (#1452; also see #1512)
  • Track the install time of scripts. (This is designed to better support automatic updates for scripts ... still coming soon.) (#1513)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Editing script from the "New User Script" feature, to change any remote dependency (@icon,
  • @require, @resource), could the script to malfunction. (#1504)
  • Enabling/disabling scripts from the status bar menu (Firefox 3 only). (#1506)
  • Incompatibility with GreaseFire. (#1507)
  • Failures during "Check for Updates" from the Add-on manager. (#1509)

New in version 0.9.15 (January 26th, 2012)

  • Editing an installed script to change any remote dependency (@icon, @require, @resource) could cause one or many scripts to be deleted. (#1466, #1502)
  • Certain @requires can break a script, due to javascript semicolon insertion rules. (#1491)
  • Toggling the enabled state of a script via the main (Tools > Greasemonkey) menu failed on Mac. (#1496)
  • Installing a script from local disk failed in 0.9.14. (#1501)

New in version 0.9.12 (October 11th, 2011)

  • Enhancements:
  • Script update checking (limited!). (#1053)
  • Scripts run with the latest available version of Javascript. (#1403)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Shared window object. (#1278)
  • Right-clicking a script in the Monkey Menu works, even when no editor is configured. (#1405)
  • Fix launching the editor. (#1409)
  • Scripts with @match could break loading all other scripts. (#1414)
  • When browsing local files, menu commands for all scripts (on all tabs) no longer display. (#1424)
  • Fix GM_openInTab(). (#1428)

New in version 0.9.11 (September 8th, 2011)

  • Apply a work-around for the problem Tab Mix Plus causes when attempting to open links in a new tab.

New in version 0.9.10 (September 7th, 2011)

  • Bug fixes:
  • You will be prompted to pick a new editor if the existing setting is an invalid path. (#1386)
  • Changing views within the Add-ons Manager could cause the user script sort order to be wrong. (#1394)
  • Enhancements:
  • When a script causes an unhandled error, the display in the Error Console will be a bit easier to read. (#1396)
  • When Growl is not installed, Greasemonkey's notifications are less obtrusive. (#1397)
  • A range of internal code clean ups. (#1395, #1398, #1399, #1400, #1401)

New in version 0.9.8 (August 8th, 2011)

  • Bug fixes:
  • User scripts cannot run in any about: pages besides about:blank. (Security enhancement; #1375)
  • Enhancements:
  • Global, user specified, @exclude rules. (#1002)
  • New @run-at metadata imperative, which supports value document-start, as well as the standard document-end behavior. Please see the documentation. (#1103)
  • Support for @match metadata imperative, as implemented by Google Chrome. Thanks to Scriptish for original implementation. (#1377)
  • Support for full regular expression syntax in @include/@exclude rules. Please see the documentation. (#1378)

New in version 0.9.7 (July 20th, 2011)

  • Bug fixes:
  • Scripts with broken @icons will install, just with no icon. (#1214)
  • Editing the @icon line of a script will take effect immediately. (#1215)
  • Remote resources (@require, @resource, @icon) that redirect to other URLs will now work. (#1222)
  • Enhancements:
  • Compatibility with Firefox 6 and 7. (#1357)
  • GM_openInTab() will respect the insertRelatedAfterCurrent preference. (#1370)

New in version 0.9.5 (June 2nd, 2011)

  • Bug fixes:
  • Installing and uninstalling the same script many times does not work properly. (#1353)
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() does not work in Firefox 5 betas. (#1354)
  • (Introduced in 0.9.4:) Cannot enable nor disable scripts. (#1355)
  • Installing the first user script while the user scripts pane of the add-ons manager is open leaves the "no user scripts" warning. (#1356)
  • Enhancements:
  • The installation dialog shows the script version, if provided with @version. (#1349)

New in version 0.9.3 (May 12th, 2011)

  • Bug fixes:
  • Error message logged ("Redeclaration of const document")/high CPU usage when closing the sidebar. (#1226, #1298)
  • Navigating to a .user.js inside a frame works like anywhere else. (#1248)
  • The list of user scripts in the Add-ons Manager would sometimes forget its sort order. (#1307)
  • Compatibility enhancement with AutoPager (broken in 0.9.2). (#1344)
  • Passing a non-function to GM_registerMenuCommand()'s commandFunc broke the entire menu, and items showed up in the wrong order (both broken in 0.9.2). (#1346, #1347)
  • Enhancements:
  • Passing the Referer header works, for GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1240)
  • Accessibility: The sort buttons in the Add-ons Manager work with keyboard input (space/enter). (#1345)

New in version 0.9.2 (April 13th, 2011)

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Failure on OSX when Growl is installed, but not running. (#1264)
  • Incorrect display of Greasemonkey icon in Add-ons window (Firefox 3.6, OS X). (#1284, #1291)
  • Provide a sort bar, to control display order of the scripts in the Add-ons manager, for Firefox 4. (#1293)
  • Remove "accelerator" keys from GM_registerMenuCommand(). (#1312, previously)
  • Work around incompatibility with Personas Plus extension. (#1253)
  • Enhancements:
  • Provide a toolbar button, and remove the status bar icon for Firefox 4. (#1227)
  • When re-installing a script (e.g. for an update), keep it in the same execution order. (#1267)
  • Keep the add-ons manager view up to date when changing (installing/enabling/disabling/etc) user scripts. (#1305)

New in version 0.8.20100408.6 (April 9th, 2010)

  • Features:
  • Add a hidden preference to allow greasing the unmht: scheme. (#1038)
  • Allow relative URLs to be used for GM_xmlhttpRequest(), just like standard XMLHttpRequest. (#1057)
  • Performance enhancements and code improvements to internal logic behind @include and @exclude rules. (#1070 #1074 #1089)
  • Added translations: ca-ES, cs, fr, nl, sr-RS, vi.
  • Bug fixes:
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() can fail when Object.prototype has been modified. (#1065)
  • Two warnings upon making new script via "New User Script". (#1069)
  • Installing scripts from the hard drive (instead of via the web) can fail.Link (#1077)
  • Fix a flaw that could allow websites to prevent Greasemonkey from running. (#1082)
  • Error "this.menuCommanders is undefined" bug when closing a browser window. (#1087)
  • Error "ScriptDownloader is not defined" Linkwhen performing view source on a user script. (#1091)

New in version 0.8.20100211.5 (February 12th, 2010)

  • Add an abort() method for GM_xmlhttpRequest. (#1007)
  • Increase compatibility with bleeding-edge Firefox versions. (#1054)
  • Display a "welcome" page to new users when they install. (#1006)
  • Fix hooking into the console object for Firebug 1.5.

New in version 0.8.20091209.4 (December 9th, 2009)

  • Properly specify the .finalUrl for GM_xmlhttpRequest results. (#1063)

New in version 0.8.20090920.2 (September 26th, 2009)

  • Do not inject scripts into file: and about: URLs by default, for security reasons. (#1000)
  • The GM_openInTab() function respects the background loading tab behavior from Firefox preferences. (#1003)
  • Specify label/control associations in "New Script" dialog, for accessibility. (#1010)
  • Minor code clean ups and improvements. (#1011, #1020)
  • Remove "forced" upgrade code. (#1013)
  • Remove extra spacing around the status bar icon. (#1014)
  • When adding include/exclude rules, include the port number in the default suggestion. (#1015)
  • Reduce noise logged to the console when interacting with Firebug. (#1018)
  • Apply security checks to GM_listValues() and GM_deleteValue(). (#1019)
  • Fix missing localized strings in various locales. (#1022)
  • Grease pages loaded into the sidebar. (#1023)
  • Allow user scripts to access the latest available JavaScript engine. (#1026)

New in version 0.8.20090123.1 (February 18th, 2009)

  • Added translations: ar-SA, bn-IN, hu-HU, id-ID, ro-RO, sr-RS, vi-VN.
  • Fix for ticket #111 (anomalous separators in the monkey menu).
  • Add GM_deleteValue() and GM_listValues() APIs (#38).
  • Restore the anonymous function wrapper around scripts, and thus the same behavior as versions prior to 0.8 (by default, removable with the @unwrap metadata imperative, #108).
  • Improved interaction with the Firebug console (#122, #204).