GNOME Tweak Tool Changelog

New in version 3.14.2

November 16th, 2014
  • startup: Fix check for running executables (Rui Matos)
  • tweakview: Update decorations on settings changes (Florian Müllner)
  • windows: Stop overriding the Gtk/DecorationLayout xsetting (Florian Müllner)
  • Remove the use of deprecated properties (Dominique Leuenberger)
  • Make the window a bit taller (Matthias Clasen)
  • startup: Sort application selection list alphabetically (Rui Matos)
  • GTK+ required version bump to 3.12 (Gian Mario Tagliaretti)
  • Translation updates

New in version 3.14.0 (September 23rd, 2014)

  • Fix missed function rename, deprecation warnings (Gian Mario Tagliaretti)
  • Fix some more positional arguments (Rui Matos)
  • Translation updates (ne, pa, sv, uk)

New in version 3.14 RC (September 17th, 2014)

  • Disable the menubar (Florian Müllner)
  • Fix KeyError when extensions with no version are installed (Petr Kocandrle)
  • Stop using positional arguments with the GObject constructor (Dominique Leuenberger)
  • Fix a string that wasn't translated (Gabor Kelemen)
  • Translation updates (many)

New in version 3.12.0 (March 27th, 2014)

  • Add Gdk/WindowScalingFactor tweak
  • Remove non-functional help menu
  • Support CSD windows with header bars (Alex)
  • Support changing shell overlay keyboard shorcut (Alex)
  • Support changing shell lock screen background (Alex)
  • Fix CSD header bar (Yosef)
  • Fix background color of startup apps tab (Alex)
  • Fix icon theme detection (Mattias)
  • Add another digit for font size tweaks
  • Allow localized searches
  • More robust startup application handling (Mike FABIAN)
  • Translation updates (many)

New in version 3.10.1 (November 13th, 2013)

  • Work around PyGObject bug which caused crashes at startup
  • Fix detection of themes (Matthias Clasen, 710275)
  • Fix shell extension update checks for stable X.0 releases
  • Fix startup tweaks for applications missing icons (Mike Fabian, 708900)
  • Allow localized searches (Alex Muñoz)
  • Fix shell extension error reporting (Alex Muñoz, 711490)

New in version 3.10.0 (September 25th, 2013)

  • Fix appdata file
  • Translation updates

New in version 3.10 RC (September 20th, 2013)

  • Fix CSD decorations
  • Ship an appdata file
  • Make titlebar buttons match mockups (more)
  • Startup applications tidy ups

New in version 3.10 Beta 2 (September 5th, 2013)

  • Make titlebar buttons match mockups
  • Make workspace creation match mockups
  • Improve search results for gsettings tweaks
  • Translation updates

New in version 3.10 Beta 1 (August 22nd, 2013)

  • Complete UI redesign based on GNOME3 (Allan Day, John Stowers, Alex Muñoz)
  • Allow updating extensions from inside tweak tool (Alex Muñoz, 696948)
  • Show text in tooltip when label is ellipsized (Robin Stocker, 704149)
  • Reluctantly make window resizable (Robin Stocker, 704149)
  • Specialized ui for certain tweaks
  • Tweaks can depend on other tweaks being enabled
  • Add XSettings related tweaks (middle mouse paste, appplication menu)
  • Add startup application management
  • Offer to logout user when tweaks require the session restarted
  • Better tweak names and descriptions (manage our own translations instead of getting all from gsettings)