Gnoduino Changelog

New in version 0.4.0

May 2nd, 2012
  • This version adds support for Arduino 1.x, which includes support for new hardware as well as software changes.
  • It adds support for Qrduino boards/programmers.txt files, support for custom hardware (Qrduino platforms), an 'examples' option to parse and load Arduino libraries example sketches, s support for recently opened sketches history, and support for multiple languages.
  • It synchronizes the toolbar look and feel with upstream.

New in version 0.3.0 (July 19th, 2011)

  • An option to show line numbers was added.
  • A schema file was added.
  • Support was added for options on the command line.
  • Desktop and man files were added.
  • An error when a serial port is missing was fixed.
  • The serial init sequence was reworked and serial errors are handled better.
  • Syntax highlighting like that in arduino was added.
  • cflags to library objects are correctly parsed and error reporting was improved.
  • The arduino libraries are searched for in standard paths.
  • Standard libraries are shipped.
  • Compilation errors are properly reported.
  • The text editing functions were made to work.
  • The arduino fonts and preferences file are supported.
  • Console fonts can be changed.