Globulation 2 Changelog

New in version

September 27th, 2010
  • The scons scripts have been updated to reflect the proper version
  • The scons script for creating the mac .dmg file has had the hardcoded version numbers changed to use the variables
  • The YOG lobby will now show IRC users too

New in version (April 16th, 2009)

  • This fixes the corrupt Tutorial 3 in Beta 4

New in version 0.9.4 (February 23rd, 2009)

  • Right side menu width in game and in the map editor was increased
  • New priority system which allows the player to choose which buildings and flags will receive units first
  • When you click on a building, it now tells you why no one is able to come to work at it (unavailable, too far away etc)
  • Game chat has been separated from game messages, so players messages (tutorial or in YOG) won't get lost.
  • Many adjustments to the properties of buildings and units to better balance gameplay
  • Ability to CTRL+Click and drag to place a string of the selected building (useful for walls)