Glnemo2 Changelog

New in version 1.8.0

November 4th, 2014
  • drag and drop files support
  • double click on file works on MacOSX
  • ramses 2D support
  • ramses velocities vectors for gas particles added
  • fix bad rendering for highest density points
  • colorbar display correct temperature when selected
  • screenshots from command line works again
  • Mac OS X Maverick/QT5 compilation success

New in version 1.7.1 (July 12th, 2014)

  • Fix issue #1460 regarding to size of gas particles (regression against version 1.7.0)
  • Remove tipsy support for windows target

New in version 1.7.0 (July 5th, 2014)

  • major release
  • add tipsy file support
  • improve auto texture size computation
  • add alternative play action with space bar

New in version 1.6.0 (January 10th, 2014)

  • It now compiles with both QT4 and QT5.

New in version 1.53 (January 17th, 2013)

  • bug fix release
  • phiGrape snasphots can be loaded again (see issue #443)

New in version 1.52 (December 3rd, 2012)

  • bug fix release
  • bug fix on temperature with gadget files
  • fix about rescaling data when physical values

New in version 1.51 (July 26th, 2012)

  • bug fix release
  • fix density threshold not correctly set between frames (see issue #125)
  • fix bug on accumulation blending rendering (key press "m")

New in version 1.50 (May 31st, 2012)

  • add GUI option to control timeline and to play forward and backward direction from a list of snaphots
  • add option to render opaque sphere like the SUN
  • add GUI and CLI for center of density option

New in version 1.42 (May 16th, 2012)

  • Happy qt4.6 compilation