Gleam Changelog

New in version 0.0.2

October 3rd, 2008
  • To make installing Gleam easier, a binary release of Gleam is now available as a Debian package. This package has been carefully tested with lintian and is believed to be completely problem-free. A few notes about this package:
  • For now it is only available for the PC (i386) architecture.
  • The executables for Gleam's command-line tools are called gleam-playmidi and gleam-synth, to prevent potential clashes with other executables of the same name.
  • Apart from these executables, the package also contains the development headers and static libraries. These will be split into a separate development package in the future.
  • Other changes in this release:
  • Improved interface for command-line utilities.
  • Fixed some MIDI controllers and added some missing ones.
  • More lenient handling of some MIDI file errors.
  • Fixed some incorrect implementations of the SF2 spec.
  • Added debug instrumentation to synthesis to find problems more easily.
  • Improved thread safety (thanks to gpothier for the patch).