Gambatte Changelog

New in version 0.5.0-wip2

November 21st, 2011
  • XvBlitter: Try grabbing all adapter ports before giving up. Fixes XVideo engine unnecessarily unavailable while mplayer running.
  • Don't call glTexSubImage2D in blit() because that tends to block on OS X (and quite possibly other implementations), use paged-flipped sw double buffer. This should fix OS X being less audio underrun-resistant than other platforms.
  • Add GBC DMG palettes. Wasn't able to use the .pal-files by nitro322, but thanks nonetheless.
  • Use mapped GBC palette by default for recognized DMG game titles.
  • libgambatte: Add ROM title getter.
  • Add Turbo A/B input mapping with configurable number of frames per press.
  • Add Quit input mapping.
  • Support Game Genie codes.
  • Support 01xxxxxx Game Shark codes.
  • Support .gz files.
  • Avoid using magic header values to detect file type to avoid potential conflicts with ROM content.
  • Gambatte Qt: Support command line parameters.
  • Gambatte Qt: Work around WMs messing up if full screen is set too early.
  • InputDialog: Protect against Qt signaling redundant inputbox focusIn events causing joystick mutex relock, which could basically break joystick input.
  • Always pause on file dialog for all platforms. Too much screwiness with the way native dialogs work in Qt, and I think this may be overall nicer either way.
  • AlsaEngine: Limit number of iterations of snd_pcm_writei loop to make sure we don't get an infinite loop in weird cases.
  • Allow loading HuC1 ROM images.
  • Provide option to use heuristics to support certain multicart MBCs disguised as MBC1 (Bomberman Collection, Mortal Combat I & II, Super Chinese Land 1,2,3 Dash, maybe others)
  • Default fast-forward speed 8.
  • libgambatte: compilation and warning fixes for clang.
  • Better facilitate overriding CC and CXX from the command line.
  • Mac OS X build fixes for newer SDKs.
  • Redirect some error printing from stdout to stderr
  • Minor fixes, refactoring and clean-ups.

New in version 0.4.1 (January 11th, 2009)

  • This release contains a few important bugfixes, such as MBC2 ROMs not getting any SRAM in 0.4.0.
  • It also contains some major audio/video timing improvements, as well as improvements and additions to platform-specific audio/video backends (particularly on Win32).