GPLIGC Changelog

New in version 1.7

April 23rd, 2009
  • ogie:
  • gcc-4.3 compliance also for utilities
  • shadow & curtain / seafloor bug corrected (thanks to David Robertson)
  • Lifts from GPLIGC output (wave positions etc) (--liftsfile)
  • TEXT_COLOR_[R|G|B] float. color for Text at lifts
  • LIFTS_COLOR_[R|G|B] float. color for lifts
  • --lifts-info-mode (pos1 / end)
  • shift-page-up/down increasing/decreasing textsize for lifts
  • --text-size --text-width --marker-size
  • F11 zoom to selected range (by F5/F6) F12 resets F5/F6
  • air-groundspeed diff plots in F5/F6/F7 statistics (config{'wind_analysis'})
  • Total energy compensated vario. Requires Airspeed (e.g. from Zander) or rough guess using groundspeed (config{'te_vario_fallback'})
  • config {'draw_task'} and 'draw_wpcyl' to change default behaviour in fvw
  • Additional info and altitude calibration can be saved in .gpi file
  • Additional flight Info dialog (pilot/date/etc)
  • gpsp2igcfile.igc (fork from creates igc-files with filenames according to date yyyy-mm-dd-..
  • garmin read via gpspoint
  • copying of associated multimediafiles from defined dirs at mountpoint
  • Oxygen debriefing in FlightStatistics (according to FAR 91.211)
  • corrupt igc file reversed-time-bug fixed
  • pressure and pO2 in fvw
  • pressure altitude (reference 1013.25) (needs known QNH)
  • photos & audio/video files locator (from mtime of files)
  • Image::ExifTool is being used instead of Image::EXIF
  • $config{'baro_grid_large,small'} for gridlines (1000 500 default)
  • QNH/Reference Pressure calibration
  • Pressure plot
  • F10 to mark lifts -> in basefilename.lif
  • config{'skip_limit_minutes'} use corrected (now its really minutes)
  • config{'skip_del_first_after'}=1 circumvents a bug in my Garmin Geko tracks (the first position fix after a break ('skip', e.g. tunnel or bad reception) is wrong)

New in version 1.6 (October 20th, 2008)

  • kml and gpx export were added for GPLIGC.
  • openGLIGCexplorer can be compiled with gcc-4.3 now.
  • Many bugfixes and new options were added for offscreen rendering with openGLIGCexplorer.