GNOME Inform 7 Changelog

New in version 6G60

March 29th, 2011
  • Assorted bugfixes.

New in version 5U92 (September 15th, 2008)

  • Internationalized all the strings in Inform 7. Translators can start translating! A Spanish translation has been started, thanks to Ángel Eduardo.
  • The Documentation text will now still be visible when using a light-on- dark desktop theme.
  • The dialog that appears when you start the program can now be closed, in case you started the program by accident.
  • Fixed bugs that caused some preferences to revert to their default values every time the application started.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when deleting some items from the Skein.
  • Fixed various minor bugs and crashes.

New in version 5T18 (September 9th, 2008)

  • The Skein tab has been added to the GNOME application.
  • All features that are relevant without an accompanying Transcript tab are fully-functional.
  • The Game tab now runs Glulxe 0.4.3.
  • GtkSourceView 2.0 is now supported.
  • Assorted bugs were fixed.