GASNet Changelog

New in version 1.20.0

November 1st, 2012
  • Updates, bugfixes, enhancements, and support for new platforms.

New in version 1.14.2 (May 21st, 2010)

  • General:
  • Much improved support for heterogenous compilers (CC, CXX and MPI_CC)
  • Work-around for broken MALLOC_CHECK_ support on some glibc versions
  • Use MALLOC_OPTIONS variable on *BSD as we use MALLOC_CHECK_ on glibc
  • Fix parsing of GASNET_{FREEZE,BACKTACE}_SIGNAL env vars
  • InfiniBand (vapi- and ibv-conduits):
  • Fix bug 2079: stack overflow errors when vapi/ibv compiled with pgcc
  • Cray-XT series (portals-conduit):
  • Improved reliability and scalability of job startup and termination code.
  • Fixed a corner-case bug in AM Medium code
  • Preliminary work to support PrgEnv-cray (requires CCE 7.2 or newer)
  • IBM BlueGene/P (dcmf-conduit):
  • Fix bug 2756: PAR mode crashes with V1R4M0 drivers
  • Fix bug 2766: performance problem with loopback AM LongAsnyc
  • Fix bug 2781 and 2791: deadlocks with some uses of DCMF collectives
  • Conduit-level support for PSHM (some limitations due to BG/P platform)
  • Experimental Process-Shared Memory (PSHM) Support
  • Shared-memory awarness added to default barrier implementations
  • Shared-memory awarness added to Extended API and Collectives
  • Misc Platform support:
  • Fix bug 2685: timers broken on variable-frequency x86_64 CPUs
  • Resolve pthread link problems between Apple's and FSF's compilers
  • Preliminary work to support build with Open64 compilers from AMD
  • Preliminary work to support build with GCCFSS compilers from Sun
  • Build and configure:
  • Allow client to control behavior on compiler-mismatch (eg for UPCR+GCCUPC)