G.E.M.Z. Changelog

New in version 1.1

December 10th, 2012
  • Got several FPS increase in all scenes for the High and Medium detail levels.
  • Huge speed up in the Play screen rendering +35% for High and Medium detail levels.
  • Fullscreen message was corrected for Amiga, OSX and MorphOS systems (alt/cmd/amiga+enter)
  • Now it's possible to turn on/off the music in the main screen and in the pause screen, this setting will be saved for the next sessions
  • During language selection the you may change the details level which will be remembered for the next game sessions.
  • Added Swedish and Japanese translations, fixed english translation.
  • Corrected the sprite layers order in LOW and MIN settings.
  • Now all musics are encoded using OggVorbis/128Kb, this means that the game size is now around 130Mb (depending on the version), MacOSX PPC is still 480Mb because a bug we are trying to resolve.
  • Speed up in game matrix initial rendering, madness level rendering is much faster now.
  • Reduced 20% SoundFX volume.