Fura Changelog

New in version 1.5.5

December 5th, 2008
  • The following improvements have been implemented:
  • File handles related to the task logs are now closed when the task finishes. This significantly reduces the number of open handles.
  • Some improvements related to memory management by the agent and its self-healing mechanism.
  • Now the temporal directory where the agent downloads the files is configurable. The default location has also been changed. Previous default location was /tmp, now it is the agent installation directory. In any case, now the agent checks the FURATMP environment variable. If it exists, the value of the variable is used as the location of the temporal directory for the agent. If not, the default location is used.
  • The mechanism to detect if a task has changed and thus must be serialized has also been improved. This significantly reduces the load of the serialization process. This reduction of load should be more noticeable when using NFS volumes to store the repository.
  • The portal has been optimized to deal with thousands of tasks. Now it loads the details of each task much faster than before.